‘Supernatural’ Season 12 To Feature An Angry & Powerful Castiel; Sam & Dean To Reunite Soon

The much-awaited “Supernatural” Season 12, all set to premiere on October 13, will see the reunion of the Winchester brothers and also bring the badass angel back from Season 4 – a very angry and powerful Castiel.

Executive producer Robert Singer said in an interview with TVLine that the brothers will initially be separated by the false presumption of death and outside forces. However, he noted that the rescue mission will not take too many episodes. He explained that Sam is under the impression that Dean is dead as he just knows “the bomb blew up, and that’s what saved the world.”

Jensen Ackles added that Sam has “no reason to believe Dean would even be coming for him.” He noted that Dean will be in the dark about Sam’s whereabouts and he has to “figure out quickly what has happened, where he is.”

As for Castiel, Misha Collins, who plays the character, has teased that the angel will be a mission in the upcoming season and even shared details on what the fans can expect from him.

“We are actually starting off season 12 with Cas kind of angry and kind of determined to fix things. It’s kind of badass Cas again, like way back from season 4. And It’s fun to play with, I think for a long time Cas has been kind of broken,” Collins spoke to Blastr.

In other news, actress Samantha Smith, who plays the character of Mary Winchester, the mother of Winchester brothers, has teased that her character will be confused with the current situation and have her own doubts, despite Dean being positive that she is real and not just an illusion.

“She may not A) know who he is at all or [B)] if he really is who he says he is. I think as a hunter your first instinct is doubt, always,” she elaborated. When asked if she has any knowledge of heaven, “I think it’s both, but I can’t explain that exactly,” Smith told Enstarz.

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