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5 Interesting Facts About Colin O’Donoghue – Captain Hook From ‘Once Upon A Time’

Colin O’Donoghue, who has won the ‘Once Upon A Time’ fans’ hearts with his charming smile, is an Irish actor and musician from Drogheda, County Louth. He was born on January 1981 to Con and Mary O’Donoghue. Here are some interesting facts about the fan-favorite Captain Killian ‘Hook’ Jones:


  1. His Hollywood film debut was in the horror thriller movie “The Rite,” alongside Anthony Hopkins. For the audition for his role as Michael Kovak in this movie, he shot a video in his friend’s home studio in Drogheda and later sent it to the United States.
  2. He, along with his close friend, Ronan McQuillan, founded a five-piece Irish band, “The Enemies”, in the year 2003. He was the guitarist for the band and also sang backing vocals. General Motors called for this band to record tracks for their online campaign of “Chevy route 66.” In May 2013, O’Donoghue had to leave the band due to “Once Upon A Time” show’s filming schedule.
  3. His early career was split between a number of theatre and television works. He even won a ‘Irish Film & Television Award for Best New Talent’ for his role as Norman Quested in “Home for Christmas.”
  4. He appears in Christina Perri’s “The Words” music video, which Perri dedicated to O’Donoghue’s character – Captain Hook in “Once Upon A Time.”
  5. He was cast as the lead role in “The Dust Storm”, as a musician named Brennan. It is reported that in he often plays pranks on the movie’s crew and his co-stars.
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