5 Facts About Michael Weatherly

Michael Weatherly, famous as Anthony “Tony” DiNozzo from the “NCIS” series, is an American actor, who once wanted to be a baseball player, and later a stuntman. He is even more movie buff, when compared to his character in the “NCIS” series, which is known for continuous movie references. Here are a few interesting facts about the actor:


  1. He is a very loyal fan of James Bond. Since the year 1979, he is a member of the James Bond Club. In fact that is the only club he has ever joined.
  2. Weatherly is passionate about music and knows to play a number of instruments, including guitar and piano. He played in a band during his early career in New York City. He even recorded a few soundtracks to “NCIS,” – “Bitter And Blue,” “Pretty Baby,” “All Fall Apart,” “Lovlihead,” “Under The Sun,” and “Suffer for Me.”
  3. He left college for his desire to become an actor. He actually went to four colleges but never graduated, as he decided to take up the acting career.
  4. He is from a wealthy family but had a falling out with his father, due to his interest to become an actor. Weatherly was disinherited from the family fortune, which was written into “NCIS” as his character – Anthony DiNozzo’s background.
  5. Before acting, he has been doing a number of jobs and even dabbled in song writing. He worked in the videotape library of ABC, where he had to log and cart around one-inch reels of videotape.

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