‘GTA 6’ Release Date To Be Announced Soon By Rockstar Games

It seems like the much-anticipated sixth installment in most successful game series – “Grand Theft Auto,” will be announced soon.

Last week, Take-Two Interactive, while reporting their first fiscal of 2017, revealing that Rockstar Games is “hard at work on some exciting future projects,” and that the fans can expect an announcement soon, according to PlayStation LifeStyle.


This has led to the speculation of the “Grand Theft Auto 6” game. Though there is no official word from Rockstar Games about anything related to “GTA 6,” there is a great hype about it, as it’s almost 3 years since the release of “GTA 5.” In fact, the game developer has not even officially confirmed if there is a “Grand Theft Auto” game in the works.

As per the rumors, the “GTA 6” will be come with the biggest map in the history of the game series, as it was earlier reported that the developer is planning to map out the entire U.S as the game’s location. However, there are also rumors of the game being set in London, citing the fact that Rockstar patented some gaming titles that include names of cities outside U.S, like Tokyo or Bogota, NeuroGadget reported.

The next title in the “GTA” series is also said to feature brand-new vehicles as well as new official stunt race maps. Some of the speculated vehicles that will be available are an armoured pick-up truck, Dune, and even a mid-range race car. It is also rumored that “GTA 6” will be launched with virtual reality support, new missions like robbing a bank, different outfits, options to buy a house or apartment, and most importantly, a female protagonist.

Nevertheless, Rockstar Games is yet to comment on anything related to “GTA 6” release.

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