‘Tekken 7’ Release Update: Cross Play Compatibility To Happen If Sony Agrees

Well, it seems the highly anticipated “Tekken 7” might come with the cross play compatibility for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One gamers, if Sony gives a nod.


According to the game’s designer Michael Murray, Bandai Namco has left the decision to Sony, as Microsoft has already revealed that they are interested in cross platform.

“Please ask Sony. MS already publicly said they’re interested in cross platform,” Murray tweeted in his reply to a fan asking to include cross play compatibility.

Cross play compatibility is nothing new, when it comes to consoles and PCs, and even Sony and Microsoft have been open to the feature with certain games. However, the concept of console to console cross play is relatively new.

It’s not just the “Tekken 7” developers who felt that cross play platform between PS4 and Xbox One will work really well, as there has been a couple of other games too, like Rocket League and Gwent.

Last month, Bandai Namco America’s Mark Religioso revealed that the much awaited “Tekken 7,” will more likely give the fans a robust single player experience.

“What we’re kinda seeing now with the trends in fighting games, is that fans want more than the core fighting experience, they also want a full fleshed-out single player experience, which is why we’re pursuing story mode so hard in this game,” Dual Shockers reported.

Religioso also noted that the character roster is not yet finalized and that there is possibility for more competitors to enter the ring soon.

“Tekken” 7 release will happen next year, 2017, for the PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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