‘No Man’s Sky’ Tips: How Not To Be Stranded In The Alien Planet?

You all must be geared up for the excitement of exploring the vast empty space and the discovering quintillions of different planets. Sans meaningful intro, you are dropped in a barren planet with debris all around and a useless spacecraft. This is where it gets really tricky and the first one hour is going to be your most difficult time in the game.

no man sky

Your major task is to get your ship to fly and for that you have to start gathering. Yes you heard it right. Gathering and maintaining your resources is going to be your main task apart from exploring various planets. It is basically a survival game where you will have to keep track of your life suit, spacecraft and surroundings.

Plutonium is an essential fuel for your spacecraft’s launch thrusters. Having them stored in abundance will help you during your voyage. Heridium, Zinc and Carite Sheets would also be required to completely repair the spaceship. Carbon and Iron are very important and they are found in abundance in the game. Around 300 Iron is required initially to have some craftable items.

Your most important asset is the Multi Tool that has a Mining laser, Analysis Visor and a Scanner. By just pointing on an item, it will help you with the information about the type of mineral it will yield on destruction. So repairing your Multi Tool becomes more important now.

Around 25 Iron is required for repairing your Analysis Visor. The Visor helps you in filling your Discovery Database with flora and fauna, in turn earning you money. Around 25 Carbon is required to repair your Scanner that highlights all the resources of your interest around you.

Once you have repaired everything and gathered all that you can, fly out into the space and explore alien planets with extreme and harsh atmosphere. You will come across many space stations where you can trade for essential materials and even fuels.

The most anticipated “No Man’s Sky” was finally released for PS4 on Aug 9, Tuesday amid controversies over the leaked discs of the game. A big day one patch has also been released that includes fixes and changes to the game. However, the PC version is scheduled to be released on Aug 12, Friday, and it seems that the Hello Games is still working on it.

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