‘No Man’s Sky’: Zero Possibility To Meet Other Players In The Universe; Hello Games Discuss PC Delay

With the much awaited “No Man’s Sky” finally here for the PlayStation 4 gamers, Hello Games director Sean Murray has revealed that the PC version and the PS4 version of the game run on different servers.

no man sky

“PS4 and PC players are using two different servers,” Murray said, via VideoGamer.com. “We are running a control experiment to see who names things the most juvenile things… Let the games begin!”

This implies that players on one platform will not be coming across any creatures or planets named by players of other platform. However, earlier this week, he made it clear that the possibility of two players meeting the “No Man’s Sky” universe is “pretty much zero.”

The creator has previously stressed on the fact that the “No Man’s Sky” might not be for everyone, as it is a “weird” and “niche” game. Nevertheless, beginners will just have to follow certain tips to survive in the “No Man’s Sky” universe.

In a Reddit AMA, Murray spoke a lot about the “No Man’s Sky, and even discussed about the delay in PC version launch, which is scheduled to happen on August 12.

“The reality is that we’re still here working on it right now,” he said, via DualShockers. “There’s no conspiracy, we’re just racing to get all the extra options and stuff we want. PS4 comes out tomorrow and we’ll just try to pretend it’s a normal work day! Best guess right now is 6 PM GMT on Friday, but we’ll keep you up to date as we get closer.”

In other news, Murray also teased that Hello Games is already working on something that’s unannounced. He also noted that the team has got some ideas to work on while supporting “No Man’s Sky” after release.

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