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Interesting Facts about Jensen Ackles

Born as Jensen Ross Ackles, this American actor is famously known as Dean Winchester from the TV Series “Supernatural.” Starting the modeling career at an early age of 4, he has garnered praise all around for his performance throughout his television acting career. Here are some interesting facts about him.

Jensen Ackles

1. His first big breakthrough was “Days of Our Lives” in 1997 for which he received “Soap Opera Digest Award” for Best Newcomer. He was nominated thrice (1998, 1999 and 2000) for Outstanding Young Actor in Drama Series at the Daytime Emmy Award for his performance in the same tv series.

2. He auditioned for the role of Clark Kent in the TV Series “Smallville” but the role went to Tom Welling. However he was cast as assistant football coach Jason Teague in the fourth season.

3. He is a big fan of Gummy candies and always carries them with him in his trailers. Even during the shoot he can be seen munching on some gummy candies.

4. He met his wife Danneel Harris on the sets of “Ten Inch Hero” in 2007. After dating for 3 years they married in May 2010.

5. His most famous movie is “Star Wars” and he has used the last names of the two main actors “Harrison Ford” and “Mark Hamill” from the movie, in the first season of the TV series “Supernatural.” He along with his co-actor poses as FBI agent “Agent Ford” and “Agent Hamill.”


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