5 Facts Every Fan Should Know About Jim Parsons

Jim Parsons

James Joseph Parsons actually known as Jim Parsons aka the famous Sheldon Cooper, a socially awkward genius physicist, claims his show The Big Bang Theory has changed his life completely. Here are 5 interesting facts about the actor:

Jim Parsons

  1. Parsons accepted though meteorology caught his fascination during his young age, he failed it in college. He says the particulars didn’t interest him and further admits to be looking up and chalking out the scientific material involved to get the hang of the technical jargons and even after all this work the stuff just slips out of mind when he moves onto his next script.
  2. Parsons has an artistic side to him with a keen interest in music and training in piano (14 years). He starred and impersonated a bird called Kola Kola, at an early age of 6, in “The Elephant Child” his first of many school productions. He says “in any form of acting, you’re always well served if you’ve done theater” and feels he substantially fits in TV. When it comes to writing script he assures that he cannot fathom writing comical dialogues, but can only spout them as amusing as possible. He vouches that if he ever writes it would always be a strongly emotional script.
  3. Parsons is considered the MVP of the show The Big Bang Theory, gets along well with his co-stars Kaley Cuoco and Simon Helberg and reckons Penny as his favorite character from the show. Being 6′ 1″, he is the tallest cast member where the other members of the regular cast are no more than 5′ 7″. He is paid 1 million per episode for the show. He made debut in Broadway, in 2011, in “The Normal Heart”, as Tommy Boatwright and later reprised the role in its TV movie adaptation. He quoted “Theater is so rejuvenating for me… Every time I go back, it’s like touching home base again.”
  4. Parsons enjoys nature and has a fascination for birds. Growing up he owned and nurtured 2 parakeets, 1 for 5 years and another different one for 13 years. In New York he enjoys walking his 2 dogs, a Shih Tzu and a Maltese he shares with his significant other, Todd Spiewak. He co-owns “That’s Wonderful Productions”, a production company, with Todd Spiewak as his partner. He has expressed his love and interest to play the role of the legendary villain The Joker in a “Batman” film in the future.
  5. Recently Jim had developed a common trait of being a germaphobe with his onscreen character “Sheldon” that few of the crew has even started calling him the same. He starts panicking and becomes paranoid if the make-up artist touches him without washing hands. He carries along a hand sanitizer and insists they sanitize in his presence so as to be sure. He uses Lysol on his clothes to be certain so as to not worry if they have been washed or have been manhandled after washing. He ensures his trailer has been sanitized many times a day. He is also affected by motion sickness, nausea, during car rides and hence he prefers to drive.

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