‘Elder Scrolls 6’ Missed E3 2017, But Bethesda Reveals Game Development Progress

Well, it seems this is another E3, without the much awaited “Elder Scrolls 6” announcement. However, there was at least an update from the Bethesda’s VP of Marketing, Pete Hines, as to when the game can be expected.

Hines has made it clear on the Bethesda’s relatively muted E3 2017 press conference, that the highly anticipated “Elder Scrolls 6,” release has to wait at least for a while, and that the title is not yet in active development.

“They have at least two major titles they are working on before we’re going to get to Elder Scrolls 6,” Hines said, while showing off “The Evil Within 2,” PC Gamer reported.

This is pretty much expected, what with the last year’s “Skyrim: Special Edition,” this year’s the “Morrowind” expansion for the “The Elder Scrolls Online.” Moreover, it seems that the developer is trying to bring out some connection between the next two titles and the next “Elder Scrolls.”

Hines even hinted that the Bethesda Game Studios has at least one or two surprises up its sleeve and that the developer is in no rush to actively work on “Elder Scrolls 6.”

“Quite honestly, they didn’t want to be the developer that was just Elder Scrolls, Fallout, Elder Scrolls, Fallout for the rest of their development careers,” he added in an interview with GameSpot. “We know everybody really wants Elder Scrolls VI, but we as creative people want to be able to do stuff tat we’re really passionate about. And I think once you see how the next two titles come out and then how Elder Scrolls 6 ties into what those games are doing and about, I think it’ll all make sense. But I think it’s going to be a while before all those things happen.”

As of now, Bethesda will be releasing “The Evil Within 2,” on October 13, 2017, and “Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus” on October 27, 2017. “The Evil Within 2” is an unequivocal upgrade over its predecessor, what with horror specialist Shinji Mikami returning to the directorial helm. The latest game is all set to continue the descent of main protagonist Sebastian as he keeps searching for his family, while facing some of the most fiendish creatures imaginable.

With the “Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus,” the players once again step into the shoes of BJ Blazkowicz, with the task of protecting the family, while liberating America from Nazi occupation. The new game will introduce a number of new characters such as Anya, Bombate and Caroline, among others from the Resistance faction.

There is also another title named “Starfield,” which is rumored to be under development. However, the developer is yet to official comment on any rumors related to the two surprise projects.

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