10 Quirks About The Infamous Salvatore Siblings – Damon & Stefan

The Salvatore brothers, Damon and Stefan, were one of the most widely worshipped teenage heart throbs till “The Vampire Diaries” series ended in the 8th season.

But the fans are not yet over the craze and the TVD addiction. Thanks to the books and the spin offs keeping them occupied to get their regular vampire fix. In the TVD series, throughout the different seasons, the relationship between the siblings has been depicted as flakey yet with a strong bond.

The brothers, though the main protagonists, go through character transitions throughout the series. They start off as enemies in Season 1 and transcend to become friends and later join forces to save the girl they both love strengthening their sibling bond.

Damon Salvatore

Damon Salvatore

  1. The elder Salvatore is cocky, arrogant and crude and has held a grudge against his younger brother Stefan for centuries. He keeps finding different ways to make his brother’s life miserable.
  2. Until becoming a vampire Damon was carefree, rebellious, independent, insecure, often misunderstood by their father who saw him as an utter disappointment. He had a strained relationship with his father.
  3. During his human years he had a healthy, strong bond of trust and friendship, and was a protective elder brother who always looked out for his younger brother Stefan. Falling for the same girl led to the rivalry and rift between the brothers.
  4. Even while human, he enamored the opposite sex with his charming and philandering tendencies. He enjoyed pursuing women and reveled in the feel of chasing them. As a vampire his enhanced abilities increased his sex appeal. From time to time he riles up Stefan by saying “he enjoys being an eternal stud.”
  5. He is the stronger of both the brothers, tries to make life difficult for his brother but does not hesitate to fall in line to help him out in need. Though he often taunts his brother, he defends him fiercely and even goes to the length of sacrificing his life to save Stefan.

Stefan Salvatore

Stefan Salvatore

  1. Stefan is believed to be the doppelganger and also the descendant of Silas, the world’s first immortal. Of the two brothers he was the first to become the vampire.
  2. Stefan is 7 years younger than Damon and shared a close bond with both his father and mother. He was closer to his mother which led to being nicknamed “mama’s boy” by Damon. Stefan held himself responsible for the death of their mother and never really gets over his guilt.
  3. As a vampire Stefan had difficulty in controlling his blood thirst. He is also known as the “Ripper of Monterey” due to his bloodlust. Though the brothers have a flakey relationship, he turns off his humanity to become the Ripper and joins Klaus to save Damon.
  4. He often misunderstands Damon’s intentions and razzes him for his behavior and actions. He always points out the darker side of Damon and never credits him for his good deeds.
  5. Due to his inability to control his bloodlust, he prefers animal blood rather than human blood which would make him stronger, and almost refrains from killing humans. He is depicted to be a soft person who bares his soul via his writings in his dairy, for which he is taunted by his brother.

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