‘Supernatural’ Season 13 Spoilers: How Is Castiel Back? Is A Destiel Reunion In Store?

Supernatural Series

With this week’s episode, the show gave its fans one of the season’s most riveting scenes and Castiel returns to the Winchesters, was exactly the thing the “Supernatural: Advanced Thanatology” episode needed. However, that had left again a hell lot of questions for the fans. And here is a scoop about what his return maight mean for the rest of the season.

Supernatural Season 13

Warning: Spoilers Ahead!!

We know for sure that Castiel’s return is not going to be without any complications. Well, if it’s complications free, then it’s not Supernatural, right? So, as to the question of how Cass came back, it seems the Winchesters disagree over the importance of the question.

“Dean’s a little less questioning and more accepting of ‘I don’t care how it happened, we got our buddy back’,” Jensen Ackles said, as reported by Den of Geek.

“At the end of last season and the beginning of this season we do see that Dean has just like given up, so to speak,” Ackles explained on the Supernatural set. “So the return of Cass has ignited that fire again. He’s got some hope and motivation to dig a little deeper and see what we can figure out. Because if he was written off and Mom was written off, maybe there’s a few other people that shouldn’t have been written off. And we figure that out as the series continues to move on.”

But as for Sam, Jared Padalecki claims that the younger Winchester might be “really looking to find out what happened… Also, not just because of Sam’s intellectual curiosity, but Sam still wants Mom back and, heck, if we can start calling out who we want back, I’m sure there are a lot of people Sam wouldn’t mind to bring back.”

As for the return of Castiel, we happen to agree with Sam, as in the words of Padalecki “Okay, it is great, I agree, but…the other shoe is probably going to drop.’ So what else can this person do?”

Nevertheless, we will find it out soon as “Supernatural: Season 13” continues ever Thursday night on CW.

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