‘The Baker and the Beauty’ Boss: Season 1 Finale Has Just Opened More Doors!

The fan favorite rom-com “The Baker and the Beauty,” aired its season one finale – “You Can’t Always Get What You Want,” on June 1, 2020. The title of finale did raise concerns among the fans about the fate of the titular couple, but still, they had their wish granted.

[Spoiler Alert: The article contains major spoilers from the Monday’s two-hour finale episode of “The Baker and the Beauty.”]

In the finale, Daniel, played by Victor Rasuk and Noa, played by Nathalie Kelly admitted that their break-up was a mistake and reunited. The last episode had a surprise for everyone – the couple got engaged, as Daniel revealed to his family that they are getting married!

While, there’s still a question of the show’s renewal, showrunner Dean Georgaris teases about an interesting story for Daniel and Noa, along with another love story about the would-be couple Vanessa and Mateo, in store for the future.

“There’s so many combinations we didn’t get to explore in the first season simply because of where the characters were,” Georgaris told TV Insider. “Now we’ve thrown them all in the same bowl. Now they’re all — Noa and Lewis and Vanessa — Garcias.”

Talking about the next couple Vanessa and Mateo, the showrunner revealed that their romantic storyline was in the longer-term plan.

“I knew, at some point, I wanted to probably get Vanessa and Mateo together, just because their two characters actually seemed like they would fit really well, but we were going to make it a slower burn,” he said to TVLine.

“David Del Rio and Michelle Veintimilla are so talented, and they had so much chemistry on screen, and they both stood out in their individual scenes, and then they came to life so much when they were together that we all collectively, honestly, after seeing footage from the first couple of episodes, as a writers’ room, we sped that relationship up, because the speeding of that felt believable to us. The incremental steps of that relationship felt right to us based on the actors we had,” he added.

It seems that they are having everything mapped out for the next season, and Georgaris is hopeful about the renewal. However, with COVID-19, and all the other pilots planned for this season, all the networks in a tight situation. Still, the fact that “The Baker and the Beauty,” is still alive, means we might get to enjoy with the Garcias again.

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