Unforgettable Things About The Favorite Winchester Brothers – Dean & Sam

The two demon hunting brothers – Dean four years older than Sam, are the main protagonists of the most popular TV series “Supernatural.” The Winchester brothers have been through a lot, even hell literally, since the show first aired in 2005.

They have certainly had their ups and downs, still, these heroes have always got each other’s back, even while they save the world. Their relationship developed with each season, sometimes even being the main plot line of the show. Thinking about the brothers, a lot of fond moments pop into our mind, and here I have made a list of certain fascinating things about the brothers that we would never ever forget in our life time:

  1. The first and foremost thing about the brothers is their brother bonding. There have been several instances of strain throughout the series, but their love for each other always outweighs the conflicts. Especially the moments of one brother mourning the death of the other, it just breaks our heart, despite knowing that the other brother will eventually come back to life.
  2. Talking about Death, the elder brother Dean seems to have died a whopping 114 times, out of which 100 came from just a single episode – Season 3, Episode 11 – “Mystery Spot.” Dean is killed in 100 different ways by the Trickster Loki, in an attempt to teach Sam to survive with his brother.
  3. Sam and Dean are not like the common brothers you can see next door, but they are too closely bonded, it’s hard for one brother to function without the other. They are too dangerously co-dependent that if one dies, the other sacrifices himself, in order to bring the other back to life.
  4. This started in Season 2, when Sam died and Dean made a deal with a crossroads demon to bring Sam back. Dean, having had Sam dye in his arms, was so devastated that he made a deal to live for one year only, in exchange for Sam’s return.
  5. No matter what happens, these two siblings would go to any extent for the other one. Sam and Dean have constantly proved right from the first season that they would never give up on each other and even get miracles done for the other. For instance, in season one, Sam refused to accept the fact that Dean was left with a weak heart after severe electrocution, and will live only for a short time.  He managed to find a miracle – faith healer to save him.

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