Interesting Things About James Bond You Love (Or Not)

Bond, James Bond, one of the most successful, unrivalled, highly talented fictional spies the world has ever seen, always has the audience in the edge of the seat, with impeccable performances. It was not just about the actors who portrayed the character, but the fictional super-spy himself, has been the inspiration for millions of people. Starting with his top-notch lifestyle to be his notorious womanizing ways, everything about Bond, has made him the icon that he is today.

With the Daniel Craig starrer “No Time to Die” getting its new release day, it’s high time, we take a look at some uniquely James Bond things that we will love forever.

Drinks: Bond is known to have a serious drinking issue that could prove harmful to any normal human. He was noted to have consumed 50 units of alcohol in one of the novels which is inhuman like. His favorite drink is Martini (shaken, not stirred) that contains around 130 calories. Funnily that is the same amount of calorie he burns during sex.

Self Control: Bonds mastery of hostage situations has come to the fore in more than one occasions such as when 006 takes him hostage in “Goldeneye”, interrogated by Dr. Kaufman in “Tomorrow Never Dies”, interrogated by Elektra King in “The World is not Enough” and tortured by Le Chiffre in “Casino Royal”. The last one stands out the best as he is able to mock his torturer while being hit by a rope on his testicles.

Combat skills: Bond is an expert in various martial arts such as Judo, Aikido and Brazilian Jiujitsu. However we are not treated to him using these special skills as he prefers guns to silence his opponents. After Daniel Craig became Bond, the concept of hand to hand combats became aggressive and entertaining.

Multi-linguistics: Being a spy one needs to know more than one language to adapt to the situation. Bond is proficient in Italian, French, German, Greek, Spanish and many more.  He demonstrates the use of German in “Tomorrow Never dies” , French in “Goldeneye”, Russian in “The World is not Enough”, Spanish in “Quantum of Solace” and Italian in “Spectre”

Anger: Bond is short tempered yet considered to be very calm at all situations. However in the movie “Quantum of Solace” we see an angry bond going after Dominic Greene to avenge Vesper’s death. The anger was not only due to her death but also because she betrayed him to save her boyfriend Kabira from a criminal organization.  After killing Greene and knowing of Vesper’s innocence bond was at peace.  

Love: Bond has seduced many women to either get some information from them or for just sex, but has never considered them as his love interest. Except in “Casino Royale” where he falls in love with Vesper Lynd, so much so that he contemplates quitting his job at MI6 and spending the rest of his life with her peacefully.

Gambler: Bond is known to be an expert gambler and card player. One of his skills is reading people around him and that makes it easier for him to find the bluff or become a master bluffer himself. Since he is not afraid to use large amount of money, he gambles high stakes quite easily. He as even won an Austin Martin DB5 in a Poker game in “Casino Royale” in 2006.

SEX and Women: Bond being tall and handsome with cool and charming personality attracts women all the time. He ends up sleeping with most of the women he meets. Due to this character the public has largely criticized him of being Misogynist and Sexist. Ironically, 3 out of the 4 women he sleeps with end up trying to kill him.

Marksmanship: Being a Self Military trained, he became proficient in handling Machine guns, sub- machine guns and rifles. His main gun had been a Beretta 418 in the first five novels. Later Ian Fleming changed it to Walther PPK after getting a letter from a retired army major and gun collector criticizing the choice of gun. He termed Beretta 418 as a lady gun. Since then Bond has carried a Walther PPK as his main choice gun throughout his 23 movies occasionally changing to Walther P99.

Smoking: James Bond has been portrayed as an avid smoker lighting up to 60 cigarettes per day, similar to the creator of Bond novels, Ian Fleming.  From the first movie “Dr. No” in 1962 to “License to Kill” in 1989 every Bond character has smoked his share of Cigarettes.  Pierce Brosnan played a smokeless bond until he succumbed to it in his last bond outing in “Die Another Day” where he smoked a cigar. Daniel Craig remains the only bond who has not smoked yet. Interestingly he is a heavy smoker in real life.

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