5 Best Episodes of ‘Lucifer’ You Will Surely Love

If you are a die-hard Lucifan, it would certainly be very hard to point out just 5 best episodes of such a wonderful show like “Lucifer.” Well, we certainly had a very difficult time in putting together these 5 episodes, because of the same reason. But, if you are new to this series, and contemplating whether to watch the show are not, a single episode from this list will be more than enough for you to decide “Lucifer” rocks.

He certainly does, after all, he is the son of God, the original fallen angel and the king of Hell. In reality, he is a king of Netflix too, as the show is one of most watched. While it’s not clear as to when “Lucifer” will be back, let’s just set back and celebrate this addictive show’s top episodes.

“Devil of My Word” – Season Three Finale

Had the Netflix not resurrected “Lucifer” again, this would have been the end of the series that Fox planned for the audience. And, it was a mind-blowing finale for certain. This episode has the right mix of action, relationships between characters, Lucifer struggling with his feelings, and the most dramatic end of Chloe getting to see his Devil face.

We only have to thank God (or Lucifer) that Netflix had revived the show and we get to see more of Lucifer. Not to forget the answer to that cliffhanger.

“A Priest Walks into a Bar” – Season One Episode 9

The first season of every show is what gets the audience hooked up to it. While the pilot episode plays a very important role, there will be one episode which showed the first glimpse of what the entire series will be. In “Lucifer,” it was in this “A Priest Walks into a Bar” episode, that we first saw the emotional and caring Luci we love today. It’s not that we don’t love the cocky and sarcastic gentleman Luci, but the compassionate Lucifer is the one who won the hearts of millions.

“Who’s da New King of Hell?” – Season Four Finale

In every show, the twists and turns in the final episode of a season, really blows our mind away. Lucifer certainly tops the list when it comes to unexpected twists and turns. And this episode is just above all those. The fourth season finale sees Chloe finally admitting to love Lucifer, and the Devil willingly accepting the role of Savior. Lucifer tells the prophecy has come true, and that his first love was never Eve, but always Chloe! What an ending was it!

“A Good Day to Die” – Season Two Episode 13

Imagine you are going to meet your girlfriend and talk about how God made her specifically for you, but instead find her being poisoned. That’s just another day in Lucifer’s world. This particular episode shows the true feelings and emotions of almost every character in the series, like Lucifer ready to return to hell for Chloe, and how amazing Charlotte is. While the episode’s theme of a professor poisoning people is a bit far-fetched, let’s not forget that every series will have its low episodes, due to some minor plot holes.

“Quintessential Deckerstar” – Season Three Episode 23

The jaw-dropping moments of this episode, combined with the scenes which had us crying our eyes out, makes this certainly one of the best episodes of the show. Charlotte selflessly sacrificing herself to save Amenadiel, and he suddenly regaining his wings to take her soul to heaven, just had our hearts melting. We really don’t have enough words to bring out the full feeling of this episode.

Being the dedicated Lucifans, we tried our best to rank the top 5, looking through fanpages and fandom groups, and even polls created by other major editorial cites. If you feel, some other episode deserves to be in this list, let us know in the poll below.


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