5 Scariest Episodes of American Horror Story

If there’s one thing about “American Horror Story,” it’s that each and every episode of the entire series is uniquely horrifying in its own way. Be it psychological or paranormal or even just straight up murders, AHS clearly is best in the world in freaking out audiences. The impeccable performances of actors combined with the background score and the story-line, the show is second to none in the genre. The realistic scares and terrifying stories made the show very popular, gathering a cult following, within just a few episodes of the first season.

Ryan Murphy has always managed to exceed the expectations of the audience with a fresh wave of horrifying scenes and concepts for every season. Just the posters and teasers are enough to give the audience chills. Watching a single AHS episode all by yourself might make you want to sleep with lights on for days.

Although the whole series is downright creepy, not every gives you the creeps like some does. We, at CoffeaBreak, have done the incredibly tough job to pick out the five scariest episodes in the AHS, or even the television history.

“Asylum: Coat Hanger”

This season, one of the best seasons of AHS actually covers a little too much from demons to twisted doctors who also rapists. But this episode in particular has none of it, but pure horror. Land, played by Sarah Paulson, was raped by Dr. Oliver Thredson. When she discovered she was pregnant, she decided to take matter into her own hands, as getting an abortion in the 1960s, in not an easy task.

Watching Lana trying to abort her unwanted child of a rapist and a murderer, using a coat hunger was the most gut-wrenching experience we have ever had. The worst part was when she realized all that the sick, dark, and excruciating pain was for nothing, and she would give birth to the child of the monster.

“Coven: Bitchcraft”

Honestly, out of all the AHS seasons, Coven was the less scary one, feeling more like a horror movie. But still, like every season has its high and lows, Coven had its first episode having the audiences sit at the edge of their seats. And all the credit goes to Kathy Bates’ Madame Delphine LaLaurie. Coven’s opening sequence is arguably one of the creepiest scenes in the entire series, were LaLaurie can be seen lathering human blood on her face. The episode, with its several violent and bloody scenes, gave us stuff for pure nightmare, which will haunt us for our lifetime.

“Freak Show: Monsters Among Us”

Just like the other seasons, Freak Show pulls back no punches and gives the most terrifying (or disgusting) scenes in its entire season. The first episode “Monsters Among Us,” had the introduction of one of the creepiest characters of AHS Twisty the Clown. Anybody who could watch through the first clown scene without closing their eyes should be awarded. The shocking part of this episode was Penny played by Grace Gummer taking part in an orgy with the freaks at the Freak Show. The worst part was when her father, after discovering this, changed her outlook to that of a reptile by shaving her head and splitting her tongue. Let’s just simply say, it was very difficult to sleep for a couple of days, after watching this episode.

 “Asylum: Unholy Night”

AHS is known for its frightening Halloween episodes, but in Asylum, there was one hell of a Christmas episode, which was definitely not for the holiday spirit. Our childhood lovable memories of Santa Claus are just crushed, when we see Ian McShane’s Santa going on a killing spree over Christmas. This is the episode that taught us how handy a letter opener can be in the event of a fight, when Sister Jude fights with him.

“Murder House: Piggy Piggy”

It’s always the first season that sets the standard for the series to continue. In that manner, the first season Murder House had a very high standard, which was only exceeded in the following seasons. One such episode from “Murder House,” that till date stands out to be one of the scariest episodes is the “Piggy Piggy,” because it’s the most grounded in reality. While the show always keeps us on our toes, it’s a bit easy to distance yourself from the horror. But, in “Piggy Piggy,” we get inside the Tate Langdon’s played by Evan Peters, high school massacre. The depiction of fear and the violent nature of the teenagers in their last moments before Tate kills them are truly bone-chilling.

The entire series has so many episode that unforgettably freakish, with so many creepy characters that will haunt us in our dreams. We have just listed the scariest episodes in our opinion, in no particular order. If you think any other episode that deserves to be on the list, feel free to vote your thoughts through the poll below.

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