10 Unbelievable Facts About The Gorgeous Bond Girl – Léa Seydoux We Bet You Didn’t Know

Léa Seydoux, the famous Bond girl from “Spectre,” will be returning again with Daniel Craig in “No Time to Die,” making herself the second actress after Eunice Gayson, to play non-regular Bond girl, in successive movies.  The French beauty first captured the hearts of people around the world with her performance as Emma in “Blue Is the Warmest Colour,” before becoming a Bond girl. And, this is the just the beginning of her career in the industry. Now that, we will see her again in the James Bond franchise, let’s get to know about a little more about her:

  1. The first time in the history of Cannes Film Festival, the Palme d’Or was awarded to the actors Léa Seydoux and her co-star Adèle Exarchopoulos, along with the director Abdellatif Kechich, for their work in the movie “Blue Is the Warmest Colour.”
  2. Director Woody Allen was so mesmerized with her photographs that he decided to cast as Gabrielle in his movie “Midnight in Paris.” There was no audition process, but just a short phone call, asking her two simple questions.
  3. She almost lost her chance to be the lead Bond girl in “Spectre,” having foundered the audition. She drank a little alcohol before the audition began, because of which she forget some of the lines. She was not even able to read the lines and blew it pretty badly.
  4. However, she was sober enough to apologize and ask for another chance, to audition on some other day. She was really sure that she will not get the chance, and firmly believed that she will not land the part, even after she was given another chance.
  5. She is the only actress in history of American film industry to have been in the “James Bond” franchise, and the “Mission Impossible” franchise, in which she played the role of contract killer Sabine Moreau.
  1. For her role as Sabina Moreau in “Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol,” the franchise star Tom Cruise had personally requested to cast Seydoux in the role, without even auditioning.
  2. Director Sam Mendes wanted a more experienced actress for the role of Dr. Madeleine Swann, having cast a relative newcomer, Bérénice Lim Marlohe, as Sévérine in “Skyfall.” He was determined Seydoux would leave a great impression with her performance in “Spectre.”
  3. This successful actress had always dreamed of becoming an opera singer, during her childhood days. She even went on to study music at the Conservatoire de Paris. But, her shyness got her to drop the idea.
  4. It was not until the age of 18, that she decided she wanted to become an actress, after seeing a friend become an actor. However, her decision to take acting as a career, was to impress an actor she had fallen in love with.
  5. Director Wes Anderson was very much impressed with her performance, while working on a short film for Prada, that he immediately invited her for a three-day cameo on his movie “The Grand Budapest Hotel.”


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