5 Best Relationships in ‘Ashes of Love’ – ‘Heavy Sweetness, Ash-Like Frost’ We Will Never Forget

If you are in the mood for fantasy dramas, the first TV series you might want to consider is “Ashes of Love.” If you have already watched it, we are pretty sure you will have your own hundreds of reasons to watch the show again and again. Every episode of the show touches your heart so deeply that you will remember even the tiniest detail for months.

Add up the emotional performances of Deng Lun, Yang Zi and Luo Yunxi, there can be nothing better than this series. However, if you watch “Eternal Love: Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms” you might feel a bit of familiarity as both the shows deal with the Heavenly Realm and Demonic Realm.

Still, the story-line of “Ashes of Love” proves to stand out even today, making it one of the best TV series of the decade. The relationships between each character makes you cry your eyes out, and yearn for such a kind of bond in real life.

Although it has been two years since the show aired, it was extremely difficult to part ways with it and it’s highly impossible to pick just a few best relationships of the show. Still, these are five super strong bonds that popped into our mind, just as we thought of “Ashes of Love.”

Run Yu – Xu Feng

The relationship between the elder sibling Run Yu (played by Luo Yunxi) – the Night God and the younger sibling Xu Feng (played by Deng Lun) – the God of War, is nothing out of the box, but just pure love between brothers. While it’s true that Run Yu is the main antagonist of the story, and the final battle is between Xu Feng and Run Yu, the elder brother has always made it clear with his actions that he means no harm to his younger brother, but just can’t accept the way things are. In fact, fans believe that had Run Yu not witnessed the death of his biological mother Suli (played by Fan Mianlin), in front of his eyes, he would not have gone for the throne.

Run Yu’s love for Xu Feng has been a subject of question right from the initial episodes, what with Heavenly empress Tuyao (played by Kathy Chow) always doubting him. But, his intentions were proved when he hurried to look after his brother, just at the thought of him in danger, during his incarnation. If that doesn’t prove his love, what else could?

Jin Mi – Yan You

Yan You (played by Liao Jingfeng) – Snake Immortal, had always been one of the favorite characters of the show, not because of just his charm, but his matchless friendship with Jim Mi (played by Yang Zi). Sometimes, we even feel that more than Xu Feng, it’s Yan You who is always the knight in shining armor for Jin Mi. He stands by her, no matter what, and seeks nothing in return.  In short, Yan You is one priceless wealth that Jin Mi was gifted, that we would give anything to have.

However, it’s not just Yan You who makes the relationship special, and Jin Mi has also proved to be the best friend anybody could have. She has proven time and time again that she would go to any extent to save Yan You, even putting her own life at risk.

Xu Feng –Liuying

While Jin Mi and Yan You’s relationship is the best example of selfless friendship, the friendship between Xu Feng and Liuying (played by Chen Yuqi) – the Demon Princess, is a respectable one, but nothing short of the previous one in any manner. Through thick and thin, even at the hardest time for Xu Feng, Liuying pledged her friendship and was always there to help him.

Though it seems the pair was not so close, their relationship actually stands out to the extent that Liuying was ready to go on for a fake marriage for Xu Feng’s sake. If that doesn’t prove their friendship is special, what else could?

Run Yu – Kuang Lu

This relationship is more of loyalty, with a bit of single sided love from Kuang Lu (played by Du Yuchen) – the daughter of Immortal Taiji. Kuang Lu, who becomes Runyu’s subordinate, out of her admiration for him. She is one person who remains by his side through thick and thin and even at the time when he himself is in the control of Qiongqi.

Her love for Run Yu is so evident to everyone in the Heavenly Realm as well as the Demon Realm still Run Yu chooses to keep her at arm’s length. He even tries to get her leave him, but faces defeat when she pledges to stay by his side, just as a subordinate, until death.

Xu Feng – Lord Liaoyuan (Qin Tong)

One of my favorite relationships in the entire series is between Xu Feng and his personal guard Lord Liaoyuan (played by Zhang Junran). The duo have been through everything together, until Liaoyuan tries to save Xu Feng giving his life. Be it in Heavenly Realm or in Mortal Realm, it was Liaoyuan who understood Xu Feng better than anyone else. Their interactions always bring a smile to our face, leaving a thought do we have someone who understands us this much?

Liaoyuan was so special to Xu Feng that even after becoming the Demon Lord, he refused to have any other personal guard, replacing Liaoyuan. Deng Lun had made it very clear with his performance that how much he misses Liaoyuan, after being reincarnated.

Name it however you want, friendship or loyalty or love or affection, the scenes related to these relationships have always left us emotionally satisfied, and sometimes even sobbing uncontrollably. And it’s these relationships, combined with the strong love triangle of Xu Feng, Jin Mi and Run Yu, that makes “Ashes of Love” outstanding.

What do you think of these relationships? Which one do you think is the best? If you think we have missed any relationship that deserves to be added to this list, please feel free to leave it as a comment.

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