5 Fascinating Facts About Deng Lun We Bet You Didn’t Know Before

Since his very first appearance in “Flowers in Fog,” Deng Lun has never ceased to amaze the audience with his impeccable performance. He already has several roles lined up for the next few years, with a humungous fan base gushing over his every smile and word.  While we get to know see him a lot, there are still many things that we don’t know about the actor:

  1. It is a well-known fact that he made his acting debut with the 2013 Hunan TV romance series “Flowers in Fog” in which he played the supporting role of Xu Hao. His performance was met with positive feedback from audience as well as critics. He was actually chosen for the role by Qiong Yao, after several auditions.
  2. He was actually accompanying his classmates, who were seeking a chance to get into the “Flowers in Fog” series, and did not take the audition seriously. But, he started performing seriously and landed the part, after multiple auditions overnight by video transmitting.
  3. He never had any plans of becoming an actor, until near graduation of high school. It was a tutor from his hometown, who encouraged him to study acting. The tutor has promised him that he will definitely get admission in acting schools.
  4. His other famous role, which the fans love, is Lu Zhao Hai in the drama “White Deer Plain.” It has been reported that he landed the part of Lu Zhao Hai, after more than 30 rounds of auditions. Although it was just a supporting role, his performance won the hearts of millions of viewers.
  5. He claimed in an interview that in the initial days of his career, he was not able to handle crying parts very well, as he had nothing to cry about. But, with experience, he had learned how to get into the character and let the emotion take over. Now he is able to perform crying scenes with all sorts of emotions.

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