Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Leaker Gives First Glimpse of Rytec AMR Sniper In Action

After a long wait, finally “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare” players can have the first look of the yet to be released Rytec AMR sniper, which was teased earlier in the season.

A Call of Duty leaker by the name “BKTOOR” has shared with his followers on Twitter, the first gameplay video of 30-second duration of the upcoming Rytec AMR sniper rifle, which will be the first DLC sniper to come to Modern Warfare.

As per the leaked date files, the sniper will be a semi-auto weapon, similar to the Barrett .50 Cal snipers that is available in other “Call of Duty” titles. The gun looks similar with both the AX-50 and the HDR, and for some unknown reason, the sniper rifle is even listed under the AX-50’s name. In the video, BKTOOR gives the players an idea as to how the gun will behave, and also the fairly fast semi-automatic fire rate.

Modern Warfare players have long been clamoring for another sniper rifle, ever since the launch, and throughout multiple seasons. Now, the inclusion of Rytec AMR is indeed great news, and its confirmation as semi-automatic may affect its popularity.

The Rytec AMR sniper was first announced when the Infinity Ward revealed the Season 4 of “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare,” with little to no info about the new sniper rifle.  While there are a number of reports stating that the weapon will be out in only a few days, it’s not clear until now.

However, it was revealed earlier that Infinity Ward is working on certain weapon adjustments, including nerfs to the Grau, which will be coming out as a mid-season update in early-mid July. Hopefully, the players might get their hands on the Rytec AMR sniper rifle around the same time.

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