‘NCIS’ Season 18 Update: Unsolved Mystery & Romance Surely In Store

It seems that when “NCIS” returns for Season 18, the show will have of answers to an unsolved mystery, a possible romance storyline and certainly flashbacks, although production is yet to start, following the COVID-19 shutdowns.

While unsolved mysteries are nothing new when it comes to “NCIS,” this one is said to be special, as it connects with our beloved Agent Gibbs in a personal level. Yes! We are talking about the Canadian supplier, whom Gibbs has been trying to trace. It has been reported by TVInsider that this case will come to forefront, when the show returns for Season 18.

Talking about flashbacks in “NCIS,” although we get to see them for quite some time, the depth of Gibbs character is yet to be revealed to the audience. The flashback scenes so far have always been an integral part of the story, and they have been welcomed by the audience, as it helps in understanding the character better.

It has been confirmed that “NCIS” will be exploring the back story of Gibbs, and his relationship with the longtime medical examiner, in the upcoming milestone episode – Episode 400.

Last week, EP Frank Cardea teased that Gibbs will be un-bottling his real feelings in Season 18, adding that he will he will no longer be only “the cowboy.” Gibbs went through a lot in the last season and those interconnected emotional incidents is said to have cracked open his heart.

As for the romance storyline, the show has given the audience glimpses of the chemistry between Gibbs and team psychologist Jacqueline “Jack” Sloane. There have been reports about a possible romance between the duo, however, Cardea has noted that Gibbs has to “work on with himself before he’s ready to work on a relationship.”

Since the Season 18 is reported to have Gibbs working on his feelings, the possibility of the romance storyline can’t be neglected. However, there is no official confirmation about this from the show producers or the cast members, as of now.

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