‘Supernatural’ Final Episodes’ Production To Start In Late Summer

The production of the final episodes of “Supernatural” Season 15 will possibly start in the end of July, as the Vancouver-based television shows are gearing up to be back on the set, with all necessary safety precautions taken into account.

As per a new report from the CBR, the principal photography of the remaining episodes is expected to resume at the end of July, in order to finish filming as early as possible. This is will make it easier for Jared Padalecki’s schedule to better accommodate his next series “Walker.”

The CW has announced that the “Supernatural” will return for the fall premiere with the remaining seven episodes of the final season. The long-running series was supposed to have ended a couple of months before, but due to the suspension of production because of COVID-19 pandemic, a handful of episodes were slated to be aired in the fall season, with some in the post-production stage, and some to be filmed.

Several countries have been lifting their restrictions of filming, leading to many productions planning for their return to shooting. Vancouver eased their restrictions in early June, while giving out a new set of safety protocols and health guidelines. However, the delay till end of July is because of the implementation of the guidelines.

Just prior to the world-wide shutdown, Jensen Ackles confirmed that the filming of the 19th episode of the final season has begun. This meant, there were two more yet-to-be-filmed episodes. With nearly five un-aired episodes, two not-yet-filmed episodes, the fall season is expected to feature at least five episodes. The last episode to be aired was “Destiny’s Child” on March 23.

If things get moving again, as per their schedule, we might hopefully get to see the “Supernatural” in just about a month.

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