Fascinating Facts About Jessica Lange That Will Blow Your Mind

With platinum blonde hair, voluptuous figure and that deep sultry voice, Jessica Lange made sure to capture the hearts of millions of audience, right with her very first appearance. One of the few actresses to have won the Triple Crown – Oscar, Emmy and Tony, she brings about a new life to every role she takes. Here are some facts about the actress that will make you love her more:

  1. Jessica and Ryan Murphy became close friends during season one of AHS that he consulted with her to write other characters. She wanted to be in a drunken scene and sing; she wanted to play an elegant woman and was particularly attracted to circus. Thus the characters Sister Jude Martin, Fiona Goode and Elsa Mars were created respectively playing each part she wanted to do.
  2. Though Jessica isn’t religious, she sometimes follows Buddhism as it makes more sense to her and she thinks it is more like as science. She didn’t go to church as a child as her mother was atheist and father was confused about religion.
  3. After playing four different characters in as many seasons in “American Horror Story”, only in season one her character did not die.
  4. She became the 24th performer and 13th actress to win Triple Crown of Acting. She won 2 Oscar Awards in 1983 and 1985, won 2 Emmy Awards in 2009 and 2012 and a Tony Award in 2016.
  5. During her debut film “King Kong” there was a rumor that she was having an affair with her co-star Jeff Bridges. It turned out to be false and they remained very good friends. She was already in a relationship with a Russian Ballet Dancer.
  6. In 1982, she was the third actress since 1943 to be nominated for 2 Oscar Awards in the same year. She was nominated for Academy Award for Best Actress for the movie “Frances” and won Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress for the movie “Tootsie” the same year.
  7. After performing in a very emotional drama in “Frances” she found it very difficult to adjust to a comedy in “Tootsie”. Wherever the scene required her to be angry, she put too much intensity into it that, after the take there was a complete silence.
  8. She didn’t want to be part of the season five of AHS because she wanted to do something different and found it too much to do 5 seasons of the same series.
  9. She was in contention to play the character Annie Wilkes in the 1990 movie “Misery” which eventually went to Kathy Bates. Kathy won Oscar for that role. They co-star in AHS in season three and four.
  10. She won Academy Award for Best Actress in 1994 for the movie “Blue Sky”. This was her second and the final Oscars. The movie was also more notable for the topless scene by Jessica Lange.
  11. During an interview she stated that she had only 2 jobs in her life: a Waitress and an Actress. She had worked as a waitress in Lion’s Head bar in Greenwich Village.
  12. She had a fall in her home and suffered a dislocated shoulder and a broken collar bone. Soon after she announced her separation with long standing boyfriend of 27 years Sam Shepard. It is speculated that domestic violence may be the cause of separation.
  13. She was married to photographer Francisco Grande for 12 years. Though they were separated in the mid 1970’s they did not divorce until early 1980’s. She paid him an undisclosed sum in alimony.
  14. She was very critical of former U.S President George W. Bush. She accused his administration of hypocrisy, belligerence and self serving regime of deceit.

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