‘Lucifer’ Season 5 Spoilers: ‘Supernatural’s’ God Coming To Meet Devil?

It seems that when “Lucifer” returns for the Season 5A, God will pay a visit to the Devil. The God here is from another universe – the long running CW series “Supernatural.”

Rob Benedict, who plays the role of Chuck Shurley, God in the “Supernatural” series, is reported to have a guest role in the upcoming season of Lucifer, as per an exclusive report from TVLine.

Benedict will be featured as Vincent Le Mec, a hardened French Mercenary, who will cross path with Lucifer, Chloe and LAPD, for his violent work in Los Angeles. However, the “Supernatural” star guest appearance will be a part of the 15th episode, which means, it will be part of the Season 5B.

It has been reported that Benedict’s scenes in “Lucifer” was shot just before the nation-wide shutdown due to COVID-19.  There’s no specific details as to if the filming of Benedict’s scenes have been completed or not.

As for the other guest appearances in the Season 5 of Lucifer, Dennis Haysbert from “24” will be featured as God, father of Lucifer. Tricia Helfer, Lucifer’s Mom aka Charlotte, who was last seen in the end of Season 3, will also make an appearance.

According to the reports, most of the episodes of Season 5, have been filmed, expect for the 16th episode, which is the season finale. However, the post-production work is yet to be done in most of the episodes.

Netflix recently announced that the first half of Season 5 – Season 5A, will premiere on August 21. There has been no updated related to the schedule of Season 5B. Last week, the streaming platform also renewed Lucifer, for the sixth and final season.

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