Some Tantalizing Facts About Tom Ellis – Your Favorite Lucifer

Keeping with an old joke, “All villains in the movie are British”, a 6 Ft 3 inch towering Welsh actor gained massive stardom and fan base with his portrayal of DC comic character Lucifer Morningstar. An extremely talented actor, instrument player and a good father of 3, here are some interesting facts about our beloved devil.

  1. He was bon as Thomas John Ellis on 17 November 1978 in Cardiff, Wales to Marilyn Jean and Christopher John Ellis.
  2. He played Lucifer Morningstar in the TV series “Lucifer” who hates his father: God. Ironically Tom Ellis comes from a religious family where his father is a pastor; his uncle, sister and her husband are all pastors.
  3. As Lucifer, Tom does his own singing throughout the series. Though he did not know to play piano initially, he seems to have acquired that skill too.
  4. He finds it fun to play bad characters because he thinks, as a villain, saying certain things to certain people is kind of liberation and it is quite satisfying.
  5. He once jokingly said that he likes being bi-continental as American film Industry is where he works but his home is in London.
  6. He listens to music to get into a mindset of a character or when he is working. His mother was a music teacher.
  7. While reading the script of “Lucifer” he laughed out loud after just three or four pages. He found it so funny that, he immediately decided to act in the series. He had been very judicious in selecting his scripts until then.
  8. During his teenage years he played in various orchestras. He started with trumpet and later upgraded to French horn.
  9. During his days at drama school he was required to do a pantomime as part of the curriculum. He along with his best James McAvoy played “Beauty and the Beast” in a place called Kirkcaldy. He was the beast as well as the prince. This was his first professional job.
  10. Because of his accent he has to repeat himself twice whenever he visits North America. Especially when he boards Uber, he gets the same response, “Oh, nice accent. Are you from Australia?”
  11. Around the age of 8 he visited Trafalgar Square in London with his good friend Tim. He put some bird seeds on Tim’s head and immediately his friend was covered by pigeons.
  12. Tom played a small role in the movie “Buffalo Soldier” along with another British actor Idris Elba. He played the character of a U.S Soldier in Elwood’s gang who doesn’t know if they are in East Berlin or West Berlin.
  13. Before Starring in “Lucifer” he was best known as Gary Preston from the TV series “Miranda”. He along with Patricia Hodge and Miranda Hart are the only actors to have featured in all episodes in that series.
  14. He has 4 siblings: one brother in Shane Wray and three sisters in Lucy Hawkins, Naomi Moody and Annwen Stone. Lucy and Tom are Twins.

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