Unforgettable Scenes of Jessica Lange In American Horror Story

We have been seeing Jessica Lange for decades now, in the big screen as well as the TV shows, but her performance in the “American Horror Story” franchise is not something to forget. Be it Constance Langdon in “Murder House” or Sister Jude Martin in “Asylum,” orr Elsa Mars in “Freak Show,” or Fiona Goode in “Coven,” her performance had been exceptional. She takes command of the scenes, mustering a coldness that could make the hair on the back of your neck stand up. Here are some of her scenes from the AHS franchise that could show how Lange uses her dark side to move the scenes.

Constance’s Conversation with Adelaide in Heaven

One of the heart-breaking seasons in “Murder House” is where Constance talks to her daughter Adelaide in Heaven, telling her how beautiful she was and how proud she is of her. Jessica knocked out the scene with her impeccable performance portraying how much she missed her daughter. We get to understand that despite the flaws she has, her love for her daughter is unmatched and pure.

It’s not just in the “Murder House,” as even in “Coven,” as Fiona, she is the mother of Cordelia. Although, the duo is known to have a strained turbulent relationship, the love between them is pure, which can be seen in their scenes together.

Fiona Goode and The Axeman

This is one of the most unforgettable scenes in the history of “American Horror Story,” and even the most emotional scene full of love for each other. Lange, as Fiona remembers the beautiful moments of love, laughter and romance that she shared with the Axeman, switching back to the numerous fights. Her stoic reflections of what had happened between them, while holding back her tears, gets us crying for sure. Lange, with her expressions, made it a compelling one, giving us a glimpse of the vulnerability and the human side of Fiona Goode.

Constance Langdon’s Monologue

Her character Constance Langdon’s monologue in the finale of the first season – “Murder House” is one of the most memorable scenes in the history of “AHS.” The eye-opening monologue in which she reveals her real intentions and that all the chaos is a part of a master plan. The way she talks about being “destined for greatness” in that deepened voice, and a smile on her beautiful face, made us realize what was happening, with our mouths wide open.

Sister Jude seducing Monsignor Timothy Howard

Her portrayal of Sister Jude in “Asylum”, as the completely indestructible person, who is in charge of her future, stating to melt slowly, stands out from the rest of her characters in “AHS.” Her desire to reach the top of the power structure, as mother superior, leads her to having her way with Monsignor. Her performance left viewers in a state of disbelief for days.

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