Unknown Facts About ‘American Horror Story’ We Bet You Didn’t Know

FX’s hit horror television series, “American Horror Story,” is notorious for surprising its fans with many things like the odd-humor, soap-opera-style plot twists, or even sometimes with the demented murder clown. It is a well known fact that the series is interconnected and ever season is inspired by real events and crimes. Some die-hard fans can even give out hundreds of facts about the characters and the cast members, but still, there are many things about the show, you may not know. Here are some really interesting facts about the anthology series – AHS:

  1. In “Asylum,” the Lana Winters’s reporter walk-through scene, which till date gives us creeps, was actually from the real footage of Bill Baldini’s exposé piece on Pennhurst Asylum in Spring City. If you are not aware of Pennhurst, it is the locations of a seasonal haunted house, which has been featured on numerous shows for its extreme paranormal activity.
  2. The character Sally McKenna’s character from “Hotel,” is said to have been loosely based on the 1937 case of Grace E. Margo, who reportedly fell to the ground from her window in the Cecil Hotel in Los Angeles. In fact, Hotel Cortez was based on the Cecil Hotel that has a very dark history.
  3. The series’ one of the scariest villains, who has us sleeping with nights on for days, Twisty the Clown from “Freak Show” was disliked by the National Clown Association of America. No wonder, we too dislike him the most. The association believes the character gives clowns a bad reputation, due to the inaccurate portrayal.
  4. The song “Dominique” from the “Asylum” was actually interpreted by a Belgian nun named Soeur Sourire and was a real big hit in Belgium and France during the 1960s. Sourire committed suicide with barbiturates due to financial problems on March 29, 1985.
  5. In the “Roanoke,” the iPhone recordings shown when the characters are filming scenes for the reality show, are said to have been recorded by the cast members.
  6. While casting for “Apocalypse,” Cody Fern was cast as Michael Langdon, he was told that he would be playing the hero, to Sarah Paulson’s villain, Wilhemina Venable. He got to know that his character is the real villain and Paulson’s is the real hero, only a few days before filming began.
  7. Every scene from “Freak Show” involving Bette and Dot, the conjoined twins, required more than ten hours to film, as it had to be repeated numerous times, to cover the interactions between the duo and the other actors and actresses, with Sarah Paulson playing a different role each time.
  8. One of the subplots revolving around chicken coop murders in “Hotel” is actually based on real events. Even the 2008 movie “Changeling” is said to be based on this event.
  9. During the filming of “Asylum,” Eric Stonestreet was brought in for a guest spot, as serial killer, to share scenes with Lana Winters. The scenes were either cut or unarired, for reasons unknown. This was also the case with Max Adler’s role as Mr. Capshaw.
  10. For “Freak Show” Kathy Bates, playing the role of Ethel, adopted a thick Baltimore accent. In order to perfect the accent, she spent hours listening to interviews with Barbara Mikulski, a United States Senator from Maryland. She even consulted a “Baltimorese” website.
  11. Evan Peters was first cast in the role of Tristan in “Hotel” but was offered the role of Mr. March at the last minute by Ryan Murphy. When Peters was cast as Mr. March, Murphy had to slightly rewrite the role, as in the original script, the character was forty years old.
  12. In “Asylum,” Chris Zylka was initially booked for a two-episode arc, playing a deaf, mute patient. But when Zylka refused to shave his head, he was quietly dismissed, and his role was written out.

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