Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War To Feature PvE Zombies, New Warzone Map, Full Campaign

It seems that the upcoming “Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War” will come with big updates as suggested by the new leaks from YouTuber Xclusive Ace.  The leaks have given the players more key info, related to the development of the project and the other features.

YouTuber Xclusive Ace posted a video claiming inside sources in Activision have showed him the actual gameplay of “Call of Duty 2020.” The video went offline, after a very short period, but a full breakdown of the contents of the video is still available in Reddit.

The upcoming “Call of Duty” game will most likely feature “a full campaign, Treyarch’s popular PvE Zombies mode, a suite of multiplayer content, and a new Call of Duty: Warzone map that’ll update Infinity Ward’s free-to-play battle royale,” as reported by Gamesradar.

The report also adds that the “Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War” is apparently reverting several features in “Modern Warfare.” The standard mini-map, the compass, the unlimited sprint, the scorestreaks, and swimming are some of the features that will be back. The maps will be in the classic style, with many 3-lane designs.

As per the report, the game is scheduled for a release in October or early November, and Activision is set to make an official announcement soon. Developer Treyarch is said to have been almost finished with the development, and that the game is reportedly in a “good state.”

However, as of now, there has not been any official confirmation from Activision, so it’s better to take these info with a pinch of salt.

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