American Horror Story: Jeffrey Bowyer-Chapman Not Returning For Season 10

Jeffrey Bowyer-Chapman has confirmed that will not be returning for the upcoming season 10 of the anthology series, “American Horror Story.”

Bowyer-Chapman, who played the role of Andre Stevens in “American Horror Story,” claimed that the opportunity to work in the series was more than a dream come true, but still, that’s not where his attention is now.

“I haven’t been in talks to return for a later season,” he told Digital Spy. “It was an incredible opportunity, working on Apocalypse with insanely talented actors. Having the opportunity to work with Sarah Paulson and Kathy Bates and Joan Collins? It was beyond having a dream come true.”

“At this point, as much as I have been blessed to have the acting career that I’ve had… I find much more satisfaction through the blessing of being able to be myself,” he added. “So having a platform like Canada’s Drag Race or my podcast, Conversations With Others, or other projects like that – that’s where my attention is, and that’s where my energy is going at this point.”

Bowyer-Chapman, through his judging role on “Canada’s Drag Race,” became a household name, very soon. Adding to it, his performances in “AHS: Apocalypse,” “Dirty Grandpa,” gained him a very large fan base. The star is also currently working on a horror-thriller “Spiral,” which is scheduled for a summer release on Shudder.

He added that his last few projects have been quite dark, and being a sensitive person, he feels he would want his next acting gig to be lighter and comedic.

“I’m so sensitive! I’m such a sensitive person. As much as I like watching those types of projects, it’s really hard for me to be in them myself. I have a really hard time differentiating between the emotions of the character, and my own emotions, and being able to shut that off,” Bowyer-Chapman said.

As for the upcoming season of “AHS,” Ryan Murphy is planning to start the production in late summer, due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. The air date is now scheduled to be in 2021, and will possibly have its spin-off, “American Horror Stories” debuting with it.

“American Horror Stories” described as “a weekly anthology series featuring a different horror story each episode, will be premiered exclusively on Hulu’s FX hub.

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