MS Dhoni Turns 39: Dwayne Bravo Dedicates Special ‘No.7’ Song

Wishes from all over the world are pouring for Mahendra Singh Dhoni, on his 39th birthday July 7, 2020, and his brother from another mother, Dwayne Bravo, his Chennai Super Kings team mate, has made the occasion even more special with the release of a new song as tribute to the former India Captain.

The song titled “Helicopter 7,” released on his Instagram page DJBravo, is based on the MSD’s trademark No. 7, and lists out all the milestone achievements of Dhoni. The official video of the song features the most special moments of MSD both on and off field.

Chennai Super Kings also took to Twitter, releasing the video of the song with the caption “The Helicopter 7 has taken off! @DJBravo47’s tribute to #Thala @msdhoni, his brother from another mother! #HappyBirthdayDhoni #WhistlePodu”

Late last week, Bravo teased fans with the announcement of the new song, while talking to CricBuzz. He revealed that he wanted to do make this birthday special for his “brother,” and went on to reveal the great impact that Dhoni had on Bravo’s career.

“I want to do something for him. He is coming to the end of his career. He had a great career. Dhoni had a great impact on my personal career and also so many other cricketers. I wanted to do something special for him. I named the song No. 7. It’s his number. It’s a special number for him,” said Bravo.

He even asked the fans to come up with their own versions of Helicopter dance. “Just to keep my fans updated on @mahi7781 song!! #7 as you’ll requested the plan is to release this song on his birthday, Also, we have a new dance!! It’s called the Helicopter ?? pls tag me your version of the helicopter ?? dance and I will pick out the best dance and make it the official Dance for MS!!.” Bravo had posted on his Instagram account.

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