The 100 Boss: ‘Anaconda’ To Have Long-Awaited Answers; Check Out ET’s Exclusive Preview of Prequel

With Wednesday’s episode, “The 100” will be back to the beginning of everything – to the Earth’s very first nuclear apocalypse in 2052, and answer some most important questions.

“Anaconda,” which will be the backdoor pilot for a new prequel series potentially titled “The 100: Second Dawn,” will give a clear clarity to the audience on many things, including the character of Bill Cadogan, the mysterious “Shepherd” of the Disciples.

“Something I really wanted to do this season was to connect a lot of the dots, or fill in the blanks, whichever metaphor you want to use,” showrunner Jason Rothenberg told TVLine. “We wanted to answer a lot of questions, including why the bunker was empty when they opened it in Season 4. I made a promise to John Pyper-Ferguson back in Season 4 that he was going to be involved with the show for more than that one episode. And I finally made that promise come true… three years later.”

The next episode will see the introduction of Callie, portrayed by British actress Iola Evans, as well as her brother Reese, played by Adain Bradley. At the end of last week’s episode, fans witnessed Clarke, Raven, Miller, Jordan and Niylah, reaching Bardo, with guns ready for saving lives. Anders awoke Bill Cadogan from cryosleep and confronts him.

ET Online has published an exclusive sneak peek from the prequel in which Bill can be seen explaining about the last two symbols left out for him to accomplish his dream.

Talking about the potential prequel, Rothenberg told ET “It’s in The 100’s universe, so people can expect a lot of creative DNA that’s similar. Of course, you don’t have to know anything about the original show to go for the new ride, because it comes before the original show.”

“I don’t want to say it’s got a lighter heart than the original show, but the protagonist’s journey is quite different from Clarke… It’s quite a cultural moment in the sense of we’re all living in a time where we’re sheltered in place, hoping that someone comes up with a cure and we can get back to our lives,” he added. “This is a story about a woman who has what could be considered a cure to the radiation that is keeping them all in underground bunkers, and is looking for people to save. Of course, she’s going to run into people who are not going to play ball with her, but ultimately she’s got a very altruistic agenda.”

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