Incredible Facts About Ian Somerhalder Every Fan Should Know

Be it the Damon Salvatore in “The Vampire Diaries,” or the lovable Boone Carlyle in “Lost,” or the Dr. Luther Swan from “V Wars,” Ian Somerhalder does it all, that too impeccably. It’s not just the characters, but the actor himself is one of the best persons in the entire planet, a good humanitarian, an environmentalist, and an animal lover. Here are some interesting facts about the actor that will make you love him more:

  1. He was born as Ian Joseph Somerhalder to Robert Somerhalder, a building contractor and Edna, a massage therapist on 8 December, 1978, in Louisiana. He has an elder brother Robert and a younger sister Robyn.
  2. He was cast as Boone Carlyle in the ABC’s drama series “Lost” in 2004. He was the first to be cast in that TV series. Ironically he was also the first person to be killed off in the TV series after just 18 episodes.
  3. When he was offered the role of Vampire in “V-Wars” in 2019, he rejected it several times, as he had just finished 8 years as Vampire in “The Vampire Diaries”. Later he agreed to the show having been impressed by the theme and the story, after reading the book the show is based on.
  4. During the production of “The Rules of Attraction” in 2002, Roger Avary maintained an online blog and updated it daily about the production. Somerhalder visited strip clubs and his then girlfriend Kate Bosworth came to know about it through the blog.
  5. During the cafeteria scene in “The Rules of Attraction” director Avary wanted to see Somerhalder’s erect nipples to be visible through the shirt. Somerhalder had to pinch and twist his nipples during take much to the awkward cast members.
  6. He opened a furniture shop “Built of Barnwood” along with his elder brother Robert in 2012. They built and sold their own woodworks.
  7. He bulked up and added 20 to 30 pounds of muscle to his thin frame in 2005 so that he would be considered for a leading role.
  8. He was in a relationship with his “The Vampire Diaries” co-star Nina Dobrev from 2010 to 2013. Rumor has it that he was talking about marriage, but she wasn’t ready and they broke up.
  9. He was planning to buy a house in Hawaii while being part of the TV series “Lost”. However he abandoned the thought after his character was killed off within just 18 episodes.
  10. He heavily contested for the role of Christian Grey in “Fifty Shades of Grey” in 2015 but dropped out owing to scheduling conflicts with “The Vampire Diaries”.
  11. He began modeling at the age of 10 and embarked on an acting journey by the age of 17. He appeared as model for brands such as Versace, Guess, Gucci, Dolce & Gabanna and Calvin Klein.
  12. He got his surname Somerhalder from his adoptive great-grandfather who married his great-grandmother while she was already pregnant. His biological great-grandfather was a wealthy English landlord with the name Hull.
  13. In one of the scenes in “The Vampire Diaries” he is seen reading the book “Fifty Shades of Grey”. It wasn’t any coincidence that he reads that book as he was in contention for the lead role in that movie.
  14. He started dating actress Nikki Reed in 2014 and married her on 26 April, 2015. Screenwriter and singer-song writer, Nikki Reed also portrayed a vampire character in “The Twilight Saga” as Rosalie Hale.

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