5 Most Memorable Scenes of “Captain Swan” From OUAT

Considered one of the most romantic couples in the American TV series, Captain Swan pairing of Emma Swan and Captain Hook from the “Once Upon A Time” series, has made people believe in fairy tales once again. While it’s been years that the show telecasted its happy-ending, till date fans relive their journey, reminiscing their best emotional and romantic scenes from the entire series.

Emma and Hook are irrefutably the great characters of the show, who deserve their happily-ever-after with true love, after all the hardships in their past, hardening their defenses. Add in the simmering chemistry between actors Jennifer Morrison and Colin O’Donoghue, Captain Swan became a must-watch couple for countless” Once Upon a Time” fans.

Their love story started the moment, Killian Jones – aka, Captain Hook’s introduction in the OUAT season 2, to be exact, from their very first adventure to the top of the beanstalk. Since then, the ship of Captain Swan had only been getting strong, until the end of the show. There are more than hundreds of unforgettable scenes of Emma and Hook together in their entire journey, and choosing just 5 best scenes is an extremely difficult task. Ranking it, in simple words, an impossible task. So, here are some best emotional scenes of Captain Swan in the “Once Upon A Time” series:

Where He Belongs

With Killian being dead down in the Underworld, and Emma sobbing at the headstone, we thought the love story had come to a stop, presumably dead too. But, within just a matter of seconds, the story comes back alive along with the resurrected Killian, as Zeus, the reverent decides to send the hero back to where he belongs. This is undeniably one of the best scenes in not just Captain Swan love story, but the entire series.

Emma and Hook in the Meadow

Captain Swan’s love story, in the middle of the glorious field of Middlemist flowers in Camelot, was one of the most idyllic fairy tale moments the show has ever seen. It’s not just about the setting, as the reason behind this background, was Hook’s attempt to divert Emma’s mind from the darkness within her, with his true love for her.

King Midas’s Ball

Emma may be the Princess daughter of another true love -Snow White and Prince Charming, but she had never felt that special for just being herself, until Killian led her onto the dance floor for a waltz. This is a moment where the fans get to see how much Captain Hook with cherish her.

Move In With Me?

Emma and Hook together, a quiet romantic dinner, soft music during the twilight of the day, it was just the start of one of the best scenes. Emma, in her true fashion, asked him to move in with her, “I have a closet full of  red jackets; I feel like I can make some space for some black leather.” It was a very brave step for her, to let her guard down, and solidify their relationship. Everything about that scene, was so Captain Swan, making it incredible.

The Winning Finale

It’s true that Captain Swan getting married is one best moment, and important for the list, during which we all shed tears of joy, over their beautiful vows. But, the most integral part of their love story, is when Killian gives his heartfelt speech, standing at the foot of the beanstalk, where it all started, about their love for each other, the fights and emotional hardships they have been through. His words brought a picture of the entire journey, making it clear that they were the captains of their fates. His simple line “They made each other better,” was the most heart-touching line in the entire series.

The journey of Captain Swan, is a rare beautiful true love story, just like the Snow White and Prince Charming’s, but unique in their own way, leaving us rooting for Captain Hook. If you think, there is some other scene that deserves to be in this list, please let us know in the comments.

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