‘The Bold and the Beautiful’: New Original Episodes To Return ‘Very Soon’

CBS has announced that the long running half-hour soap-opera “The Bold and the Beautiful,” will be returning with new original episodes very soon, on Monday, July 20, 2020.

The network also added that the two of the first five episodes that will be aired on Tuesday, July 21 and Wednesday, July 22, were actually shot before the Hollywood’s months-long COVID-19 shutdown.

The very first original episode scheduled to air on Monday, July 20, is said to have been shot post-shutdown, with all the new industry-mandated safety protocols in line.

“The Bold and the Beautiful” was the first series in the United States, to have resumed production, following the three-month shutdown, on June 17. However, within just a day of shooting, the production was halted temporarily, due to the large volume of testing. After several other hiccups, the show is back in production.

Here are the mild spoilers for the first five new episodes to be aired from Monday, July 20 to Friday, July 24, as reported by TV Line.

Monday, July 20: Katie fills in Carter on how Quinn sabotaged Brooke and Ridge’s reunion party. Then, Zoe and Carter discuss her whirlwind romance with Thomas, how he was exposed for his manipulations and lies at their wedding, and how Hope and Liam were able to overcome everything and reunite. Finally, Zoe and Carter learn about Sally’s illness and what Wyatt and Flo did when they found out.

Tuesday, July 21 (Filmed Before Shutdown): Wyatt walks into the beach house and is dismayed by what he sees. Meanwhile, Bill tells Katie he will accept any consequence from his actions, except losing Katie and their family. Also, Sally and Dr. Escobar haul the unconscious Flo to Sally’s apartment where they tie her to the radiator. When Flo realizes she has been kidnapped, she is appalled by Sally’s actions.

Wednesday, July 22 (Filmed Before Shutdown): Dr. Escobar and Flo are shocked by Sally’s pregnancy plan and plead with her not to proceed. Also, Steffy heads out on her motorcycle for some quality “me” time and is involved in an accident.

Thursday, July 23: Bill is shocked when he realizes he hit Steffy with his car while she was out riding her motorcycle. He frantically calls 9-1-1, and Steffy is rushed to the ER. Also, Flo prays her secret message gets through to Wyatt, and as Sally starts seducing Wyatt, he finally sees the message from Flo.

Friday, July 24: Wyatt demands Sally tell him where Flo is and begins to search for her. Meanwhile, Bill is with Steffy in her hospital room, guilt-ridden and apologetic. He calls Ridge to let him know Steffy was in an accident. Brooke and Ridge rush to the hospital, fighting back emotions when they see her.

The B&B’s final episode was aired on April 23, 2020, and has been airing themed week reruns, since then. As for the new episodes, the writers have been trying to maintain the story-line, while keeping up with the pandemic safety protocols. They also had plans for having the actor’s spouses stand in as body doubles, for romantic scenes, and use blow-up dolls for sec scenes.

Fellow CBS show “The Young and the Restless” which was supposed to get back on the sets on July 6, is to resume shooting from July 13. ABC’s “General Hospital” will resume production on July 20, while NBC’s “Days of Our Lives,” the only series to still run new episodes, is looking at an early September date to start production.

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