Lucifer Season 5: Big Michael twist Breakdown

Well, well, well, it has only been 24 hours since Netflix opened the gates to Hell and the fans are going bonkers over the new trailer release of “Lucifer” season 5. The Netflix Youtube channel has already garnered 3.7 million views since the trailer release.

Watched the trailer with eagerness and frankly, I was not expecting such a twist. I was expecting or rather wanting Lucifer to return to earth to his love Chloe Decker, but the circumstances in which he returns, never crossed my mind. Throughout the series we are introduced to each and every family member of the divine one by one.

In Season 1, Amenadiel, Lucifer’s big brother was introduced who remains a key part of the story. In Season 2, Lucifer’s mum (the goddess) escaped from hell and entered Charlotte Richards’s body. At the same time younger brother Uriel came to earth to kill the goddess. In Season 3, we are introduced to the sister Azrael. In Season 4, it was the other sister Remiel who comes to take away Amenadiel’s child.  In season 5, Lucifer’s twin brother Michael is playing an important part. It is also said that God himself along with the Goddess is going to enter the fray in the later part of the season. So, what’s going to be in Season 6? A family feud in Los Angeles?

Any way the trailer has given us some glimpse on what to expect from this season. Let us break it down and try to find out more about it. At first we are greeted with Chloe and Maze bonding together since Lucifer left them both. Just when Chloe overcame her fear and expressed her love to Lucifer, he had to leave earth for the safety of them all. Maze was finding it difficult to be part of the Linda family though her love for the child remains the same. She was also angry on Lucifer for abandoning her and leaving alone to Hell. This common ground of grieving brought them together, though it was clear that neither was happy nor overcame it.

 Michael’s entry line “Hello Bad Guys” was the highlight of the trailer for me, over his entry in the season itself.  Clearly he does not have the same dressing style as his brother. Moreover it seems Michael is more muscular and his face and jaw line looking more round.  They surely needed to differentiate between Lucifer and his twin brother but don’t the twins have similar physicality than just the face?  It seems that Michael is left hander, evident from the fight with Lucifer.

And talking about the fight Amenadiel found it tough against Michael, where as Maze took him down in a swift motion. So, apart from God, who is the strongest in the immortal world? Well according to the trailer it seems he is here for some vengeance. If he is Lucifer’s alter ego and Lucifer holds vengeance against his father, then there is a conflict of characters.

When Amenadiel confronts Michael in the bar, I think he knows its Michael and not Lucifer, as any brother would be able to identify between twins. In the DC Comics, Michael’s power is second to the God and only equaled by Lucifer. May be that is why “the First Born” found it difficult while fighting him in the police station. More over Michael’s vengeance against Lucifer could be due to the loss of his daughter Elaine Belloc. As per the comics, Belloc was sacrificed for the sake of Lucifer, and if this theory turns true, we may get see some flashbacks related to Belloc and her death, possibly in the black-and-white episode of Season 5A.

While in this series Lucifer has always blamed his father for sending him to hell, in the DC Comics, Michael was the one who defeated Lucifer in his revolt against God and banished him from Heaven. Though the series was not adapted entirely from the DC Comics, the trailer seems to have a lot in common with what happened in the books. Let us what do you think about this trailer in the comments.

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