PUBG Season 8 Update: New Loot Truck, Remastered Sanhok Map, New Survivor Pass

PUBG’s latest update 8.1 is said to bring remastered Sanhok map, new Survivor Pass, loot truck, bug fixes, and performance improvements.

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The reworked map of Sanhok is the real highlight of the update, as it brings massive changes to   Bootcamp, Quarry, Airfield (previously Mongnai), Getaway (previously Docks), Ruins, Mountain, Cave, River, Bhan, and many others. The all new Sanhok will also reportedly feature clear day, sunrise, sunset, and overcast weather types. The old Sanhok will not be available in all game modes after the update.

The loot trucks, an all new feature for the players to gear up in a risky way, will drop some loot when players attack them, and continue on their way. Players, who could destroy the truck, will get an even bigger cache of weapons and gears.

The update will also bring new Survivor Pass called Payback which will allow players to unlock 100 new skins. Survivor Pass XP will also allow players to earn approximately 600 XP per 1 hour of normal gameplay, up to 7200 XP per day. Along with these, Vikendi has now been added to Ranked map pool.

The other changes include

  • Due to the remake of ‘Getaway’ (previously Docks), Docks has been removed from TDM.
  • New Sanhok themed lobby and BGM has been added.
  • Adjusted the fade effect of the Blue Zone walls to look more natural.
  • Community Mission, Progression Mission, and Beginner Mission tabs have been removed.

Check out the full patch notes of update 8.1 here.

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