Hawaii Five-O: Watch Deleted Scenes With Cliffhangers from Series Finale

When the finale of “Hawaii Five-O” series was aired on April 3, it was reported that multiple small cliffhangers were cut, as there will not be a Season 11. Although the final ending did give a bit of relief, fans who want more are left with so many questions.

TVLine has now released a video of the deleted scenes exclusively, in which one of the team members Adam, played by Ian Anthony Dale, is visited by a most unwelcome guest — A Yakuza bigwig Ryo, played by Michael Hagiwara.

Adam is being warned sternly, at the HQ, making him ever more mindful of his actions and occasional interactions with the Japanese crime syndicate. This scene is said to be an important part of the Season 11 storyline, which would never happen.

Click here to watch the exclusive scene released in TVLine.com

Another deleted scene reportedly involves the relationship between Tani, played by Meaghan Rath and Junior, played by Buelah Koale, in which Tani gets to know that Junior has been supporting the ex-family, whose boyfriend he killed in Season 9.

These deleted scenes, along with some extended scenes, a gag reel and more special features, will be part of the Hawaii Five-0: The Final Season, a five-DVD collection, which will be available from Tuesday, July 28.

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