What Happened Today – July 17?

History is the version of past events that people have decided to agree upon – Napoleon Bonaparte.

We believe and learn most of the things from history of anything, totally unaware if it was true or fabricated. The only relief is that our ancestors have agreed upon those historical facts, and it’s time we know and agree with it too.

On this day –

561 – John III begins his reign as Catholic Pope succeeding Pelagius I.

855 – St Leo IV dies, ending his reign as Catholic Pope; he will be succeeded by Benedict III.

1054 – Holy Roman Emperor Henry III crowns his son Henry IV king.

1585 – English secret service discovers Anthony Babington’s murder plot against Queen Elizabeth I.

1717 – George Frideric Handel’s “Water Music” premieres on the river Thames in London.

1762 – Catherine II becomes tsarina of Russia following the murder of Peter III.

1850 – Harvard Observatory takes 1st photograph of a star (Vega).

1856 – The Great Train Wreck of 1856 between Camp Hill and Fort Washington, Pennsylvania – 60 deaths.

1890 – Cecil Rhodes becomes Premier of Cape Colony.

1893 – Arthur Shrewsbury becomes the 1st to score 1,000 runs in Test Cricket.

1906 – Clement Armand Fallieres is elected President of France, but power lies with Georges Clémenceau.

1920 – Gordon Gould, American physicist (inventor of the laser), born in NYC, New York.

1926 – Paavo Nurmi walks world record 4x1500m (16:11.4).

1943 – RAF bombs Germany rocket base Peenemunde.

1945 – Potsdam Conference: Harry Truman, Joseph Stalin and Winston Churchill hold 1st post-World War II meeting.

1947 – Camilla Parker Bowles, English wife of Prince Charles and Duchess of Cornwall, born in London, England.

1954 – Angela Merkel, German politician, Chancellor of Germany (2005-), born in Hamburg, West Germany.

1955 – Disneyland televises its grand opening in Anaheim, California.

1959 – Partial skull of a new species of early human ancestor, Zinjanthropus boisei or ‘Zinj’ (now called Paranthropus boisei) which lived in Africa almost 2 million years ago, was discovered by Paleoanthropologist Mary Leakey discovers.

1964 – ANC leader Nelson Mandela is awarded the Joliot Curie Gold Medal for Peace.

1995 –Bill Gates announced as the richest man in world with a net worth of $12.9 billion dollars, by Forbes Magazine.

1987 – “Les Miserables” opens at Imperial Theatre, Tokyo.

1998 – Martin Campbell’s “The Mask of Zorro”, starring Antonio Banderas, Catherine Zeta-Jones and Anthony Hopkins was released.

2005 – Edward Heath, British Prime Minister (Conservative: 1970-74), dies of cancer at 89

2007 – TAM Airlines Flight 3054 crashes upon landing during rain in São Paulo – 199 deaths in Brazil’s deadliest aviation accident till date.

2015 – Marvel’s “Ant-Man” starring Paul Rudd was released.

2016 – Swiss architect Le Corbusier’s 17 works were included in UNESCO World Heritage sites list as “an Outstanding Contribution to the Modern Movement.”

2019 – World Health Organization declares the DR Congo Ebola outbreak a “public health emergency of international concern.”

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