Indian Government: Chinese Companies – Huawei, Alibaba in India Connected to Chinese Army

Indian Government has identified seven Chinese companies, including the world renowned Huawei and Alibaba, which are said to have direct or indirect links to the Chinese People’s Liberation Army.

The seven companies listed by the Government sources are Xindia Steels, Xinxing Cathay international, China electronic technology group, Huawei, Alibaba, Tencent, SAIC Motor Corporation.

According the Center, these companies, complying under the Chinese 2017 Intelligence Law, have been carrying out overseas intelligent work, while operating in India. These companies are said to be under the scanner and could soon face potential action, reports DNA India.

Chinese Intelligence Law, passed in June 2017, gave the nation power to monitor suspects, raid premises and seize vehicles and devices. Their global companies like Huawei, ZTE, TikTok, Alibaba have reportedly been cooperating with the national intelligence undertakings, wherever they operate.

“Any organization or citizen shall support, assist and cooperate with the state intelligence work in accordance with the law. The state protects individuals and organizations that support, assist and cooperate with national intelligence work,” as stated in the Article 7 of the Intelligence Law.

The news comes just a month after the Indian Government banned 59 Chinese apps, including popular TikTok app, after a violent face-off at Line Of Actual Control in Eastern Ladakh.

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