Money Heist Season 1: Mistakes by Professor

Money Heist became the most watched non-English language series in Netflix in 2018 within just months. The drama is about a group of robbers guided by the intelligent professor trying to steal money (or rather print money) from the Royal Mint of Spain. Dressed in red overalls and wearing Dali mask, the series is a pure rock and roll, offering something different to the non Spanish speaking people.

However many critics have questioned its popularity and hype. Pauline Bock from the New Statesman was very critical and said that the show was full of plot holes, corny love stories and gratuitous sex scenes. I completely agree with her as there are a plenty of plot holes in the script in Season 1 itself. But today I am going to focus on the mistakes made by the enigmatic, shy and nerdy professor, who masterminds the heist. Though these small mistakes add up to the thrill of the storyline, but had the professor looked though these mistakes in advance, the end result could have been different.

Tokyo in charge of fake escape scene:

Professor has been planning the heist for 5 years (considering he built the tunnel 5 years ago) and he was very confident of its success provided all the members performed their task correctly. He was well aware of the strategies followed by the police and was ready with the counter. Though his team was well prepared for the big day, he did not take into consideration how each individual would act during the actual event. Especially, Tokyo, who according to me was loose cannon, mostly ends up jeopardizing the safety of the fellow members. If it had been someone else in charge of that particular fake escape plan, no one would have been injured and the scenario might have ended differently.

Not keeping tabs on the members:

In the beginning itself the professor asks everyone to have new names and avoid sharing their personal information as well as personal interests. However he did not keep tabs on his members especially when Tokyo and Rio became very close and intimate with each other, which was also against his rules. Rio became her weakness and she would do anything to protect him. This was the reason she became reckless during the heist every time there was any danger to Rio or when there was any rift between the lovers.

Keeping Berlin’s illness a secret:

Berlin has been suffering from a rare muscle degenerative disease also known as Helmer’s Myopathy. When the crew members come to know about the disease and his life expectancy there is a mixed feeling among them. Berlin being the leader of the ongoing heist should not lose his authority at any moment or else his actions might be questioned during crucial times, jeopardizing the whole plan. His authority was not ascertained even during their 5 months of practice or else confusion would not have arisen. Tokyo took maximum advantage of these situations.

Falling in love with the Inspector:

It seems that Professor initially wanted to just keep tabs on the police investigation and thus planted a bug on Angel Rubio. After having multiple conversations with the Inspector he fell for her. His meeting with Raquel may seem like a coincidence but Angel thought otherwise. Angel made his way to the hanger, took his fingerprint and almost led to his capture.

Not having anyone else outside for help:

He planned everything up to the minute details and sent all his accomplices into the Royal Mint of Spain. Later he learns that some of the crucial evidence were not destroyed. He had to risk revealing his identity in order to destroy them before police can lay their hands on. However, it became very difficult for him as he came very close to being caught multiple times. Crew members could not contact him when required as he was tending to his job outside. If he had someone outside for help it would have been a completely different scenario.

Not double checking the disposal of the car:

When he had asked Helsinki to dispose the car at the wreckage, he did not double check it himself. Later he questions Helsinki about it by looking at the photo of the wrecked car. If he had done it the first time, the need to risk his identity would not have arose. He also made a blunder by leaving his fingerprint in the police car.

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