5 Unforgettable Episodes From Pretty Little Liars To Re-Watch

Pretty Little Liars, throughout the seven-season run, was jam-packed with twists, turns, shocking betrayals, and mysteries that had us glued to the screens. Earning the name as one of the most unrealistic teenage shows, PLL did a great job in portraying strong female characters Hanna (Ashley Benson), Emily (Shay Mitchell), Aria (Lucy Hale), and Spencer (Troian Bellisario), and friendships that really stick through thick and thin.

Not to forget their relationships, is something that fans are rooting for even years after the final season was aired. Out of the 160 episodes, every die-hard PLL fan will have at least 10 favorites, and listing out just 5 is a near impossible feat. Please leave a comment, if we have missed out on your favorite episode.

Welcome to the Dollhouse – Season 5, Episode 25

Even those with the thickest skins experienced creeps during this episode, when the girls woke-up, after being knocked out by a mysterious gas, in a life-size dollhouse created by none other than ‘A.’ They were in actual replicas of their own bedrooms, outside which was nothing but concrete walls on all sides. If that wasn’t enough, Mona was alive! It was in this doll house that the girls first heard about “Charles.”

This Is A Dark Ride – Season 3, Episode 13

Away from the typical Rosewood small town setting, PLL took the fans for a fun train ride, that too Halloween-themed. But, fun did not last long, when A, who is also in the train, starts to wreck havoc, which nearly ended in the near-death experience of one of the Liars. Just as the title suggested, the ride of PLL turned dark with this episode.

UnmAsked – Season 2, Episode 25

Shock and unexpected twists with betrayals are part of the PLL themes right from the very first episode of the first season. Especially when it comes to the unmasking of ‘A,’ the show managed to keep the audience on their toes until the end revelation of CeCe. But the very first shock was when Mona, who was Hanna’s best friend, was revealed to be the ‘A,’ at least the first of many.

‘A’ Is For Answers – Season 4, Episode 24

Alison DiLaurentis’s mystery, one of the main plots of PLL, took center stage, giving the fans with some much needed real and truthful answers, which served as the base for the final three seasons. In fact, this episode saw the mystery being twisted to a completely new one, leaving fans with more questions than answers. The heartbreaking tale of Alison, being buried alive by her own mother, and being saved by Mrs. Grunwald, is one gut-wrenching tale we will never ever forget.

Pilot – Season 1 Episode 1

Alison’s disappearance, the mystery of ‘A’ combined with the beautiful friendship between the four girls, and the threat in the very first text to all the four, this episode was packed with the right proportion of everything required, to make it captivating, charming and intriguing. Of course, this is where everything started, that also created a hook on the audience, which till date stands unmatched by any TV show.

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