Best Jake and Amy moments from Brooklyn Nine Nine

Jake Peralta is a detective in the 99th precinct of the New York Police Department in Brooklyn, who has a high percentage of successful arrests and solved cases in spite of his childish, relaxed and carefree attitude. Partnered along with him is the lovable, nerdy and by the book Amy Santiago.

They both started out as frenemies always competing with each other. It was the best example of opposites attracts each other and as the series progressed, their friendship blossomed into romance. They are now happily married. In the course of their friendship and romance fans witnessed many memorable moments. Here are some of them.

Amy Losing the Bet

The first ever indication that something was going on between these two was when Amy lost her bet and was forced to go on a date with Jake, which consisted of meticulously planned embarrassing activities. They had to abruptly stop their activities and stake out a building on a rooftop. They started to open up about each other and Jake refused to leave the place when Holt offered to send others to relieve them.

Jake Teasing Amy

When Jake and Amy investigate a robbery in an electronic store, she tries to be more professional doing the enquiries where as Jake does his usual childlike behavior around her. He is able to solve the case because of a hidden camera. As Boyle tells Jake that all boys tease girls they like and it seems that Jake liked Amy from the beginning.

Jake confesses his love

Jake gets recruited by the FBI and he realizes that as part of the investigation he might have to undercover for an extended period of time. He might not get in contact with Amy for a long time. He confesses to Amy about his feelings for her in his usual ways even though he knows that she is in a relationship with Teddy. Amy stood their open mouthed as were the fans.

Jake proposes to Amy

During the Halloween Heist in Season 5, everyone partakes in the search for the wrestling belt to become the Ultimate Human Genius. When Amy discovers it and wins Jake introduces a twist in the game by changing the inscription on the belt to “Amy Santiago, will you marry me” and proposes to her in real.

Jake Talks to Amy from Prison

Jake and Rosa are framed for a crime they did not commit and are sentenced to prison. The precinct 99 tries to prove the two’s innocence and releasing them becomes their main goal. Jake meanwhile, gets hold on to a illegal mobile phone and he only one he wants to talk to is Amy.

All Their Sex Tape names

“Name of your sex tape” is a long running joke on detective Amy Santiago in the 99th precinct where Jake tries to name the sex tapes involving her. Even Charles, Gina, Amy herself and Holt have tried to pitch in with the names.

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