Best Moments from The Witcher Season 1

The Witcher on Netflix has certainly been a hit following on the success of the video game of the same name. However there are some mixed reviews and many questions regarding the style, timeline and the length of the season. There is no doubt about the performance of Henry Cavil as the famous Geralt of Rivia, who has some memorable monologues and fight scenes. Here I have listed some of the best moments from season one:

Evil is Evil

Stregobor, a wizard contacts Geralt, seeking to hire him for an assassination job. He wants to eliminate Renfri, a cursed princes turned bandit who has tracked Stregobor in order to kill. Geralt refuses and delivers a monologue on how all forms of evil are unjustifiable, with one of his famous quotes “Evil is Evil”.

Geralt invokes Law of Surprise

Duny, an Urcheon of Erlenwald interrupts princes Pavetta’s bethrothal and demands her hand invoking the Law of Surprise. He had saved her father’s life many years ago. The princess accepts to marry the cursed Urcheon who looks like a Hedgehogg man, but the queen Calanthe orders to killing him. Geralt saves him and in the process the cursed is removed. Duny repeatedly forces him to take a reward for saving his live and jokingly Geralt invokes the Law of Surprise. The princess is found to be pregnant with Duny’s first born.

Geralt uses his final wish

He meets Yennefer for the first time when he brings injured Jaskier to her. In the process of healing Jaskier from djinn’s injury she starts to bind herself to djinn so that she can become powerful. When it doesn’t go well and it seemed that she would lose her life, Geralt comes to the rescue not with his sword but with his words. He uses his third and final wish to save her though we do not know what the words were.

Battle with Shtriga

He goes to investigate a monster and ends up fighting Shtriga. The monster is actually a former princess who was cursed at birth. To lift the curse all he has to do is fight and contain her till dawn, which proves to be easier said than done. The Witcher had not met anyone so fearsome until then and only manages to escape by the skin of his teeth.

Blaviken Butchery

After rejecting Stregobor’s offer he meets with Renfri to dissuade her from following the wrong path. She feigns her agreement but the next morning he finds out that she has not changed her stance. He goes after her to Blaviken only to find her men waiting for him with swords and proposal to choose sides. He rejects it and kills all the men and engages with Renfri herself wounding her fataly.

Dragon Hunt

Borch along with his two bodyguards invites Geralt, Yennefer and Jaskier to a dragon hunt. In the journey, professional dragon hunters such as dwarves and Reavers also join the hunt. Upon reaching the cave they figure out that Borch is actually a golden Dragon named Vilentretenmerth, who wants to protect his egg. Instead of killing the dragon they suddenly protect the egg from the Reavers. In the fight both Yennefer and Geralt show some badass moves and even manage to kiss in the middle of the commotion.

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