Lucifer Season 5: Meet Ella’s “Match Made In Heaven” In EW’s Exclusive Photos; New Poster Released

When Lucifer returns this August, our favorite forensic scientist will meet her “match made in heaven,” who is described as a “male version of Ella” and “just as geeky.”

The upcoming season of Netflix’s Lucifer will see the entry of Alex Koch, famous for his role in Under the Dome, as Pete Daily, Ella Lopez’s (played by Aimee Garcia) new love interest, who will be “endearing, nerdy and friendly.”

CR: Netflix

Pete will play the role of a L. A. reporter for one of Lucifer (Tom Ellis) and Chloe’s (Lauren German) cases. His cover story of the case leads him to cross path with Garcia, as reported by Entertainment Weekly.

“It’s just bad news bears in the love department for Ella [at the beginning of season 5], which I like because she can’t be perfect. Then, she finally, finally, finally, dates a good guy,” Garcia told EW in last December. “And she lets him, and it’s so much more intimate because it’s not just physical. They go to Star Trek conventions, and they go to dinner and there’s wine and candles. They speak Klingon together.”

CR: Netflix

“In season 5, we’re gonna see Ella have a crisis of self, which I think will be a bit hard to watch but also very relatable — because who hasn’t had a crisis of self at some point?” Garcia told EW. “While she went a little bit to her darker side in season 4, I think in season 5 we’re going to see this unapologetic, almost real-life angel spiral a little bit with who she is and we’re gonna get to see a side of her that isn’t Susie Sunshine and hopefully every girl and every guy who watches the show will say, ‘Oof, we’ve been there.'”

Also, TVLine has managed to get its hands on the key art/poster for Season 5 of “Lucifer” which strongly suggests that it’s time to “give in to temptation.”

But, Chloe giving into temptation in the official trailer has been the concern of the diehard LuciFans, what with the unexpected big Michael twist and so many theories related to him. The first half of “Lucifer” Season 5 will be released in Netflix in just a month’s time, on August 21, 2020.

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