Supernatural Season 15 Update: Plans To Make Finale Episodes An Event

When the CW’s TV series “Supernatural” returns for the final 7 episodes, there will a bit of celebration, as a tribute to the drama’s long run with all the cast and crew members.

It has been announced that the final chapters of “Season 15” will be made into a special occasion, turning it into an event, by the network, to make it a memorable good-bye for the fans.

“We’re going to take the negative of what happened and turn it into a positive. We plan to make an event out of it,” the CW’s president Mark Pedowitz promised in an interview with Variety’s Strictly Business podcast, as reported by ScreenRant.

With over 300 episodes aired till date, Supernatural has a big circle of loyal audience all over the world. The series has had its fair share of highs and lows, with some critics holding firm to the idea that the memorable season 5 finale should have been the finale of the entire series.

In fact, neither the cast nor the network, believed initially that the show would go on for so many seasons, as initially they even laughed off the idea of reaching the 200th episode milestone. But, now they are, having only seven episodes left to air.

Initially, “Supernatural” was supposed to be concluded in May 2020, with the Season 15 being the last and final one. However, due to the ongoing pandemic COVID-19, the series went on a hiatus, and is yet to film some of the episodes.

It has been reported that the network is planning to resume production on the series in August or early September, which gives a possible air date in October or November. However, the plans may vary due to the ongoing restrictions for coronavirus.

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