What happened Today – July 24?

History is Philosophy teaching by examples – Thucydides

Starting with everything simplest thing we do, like eat, walk, talk, everything is embedded in History, and it is very much necessary to study the past, if you have to define the future.

On this day:

1534 – Jacques Cartier, a French-Breton explorer landed in Canada and claimed it for France

1567 – Mary Queen of Scots (reign from December 1542 to July 1567) was forced to abdicate with her 1-year-old son becoming the King James VI of Scots

1673 – Edmund Halley, the second Astronomer Royal in Britain, enters The Queen’s College, Oxford, as an undergraduate

1758 – George Washington, the first US President, elected to Virginia House of Burgesses representing Frederick County

1824 – Harrisburg Pennsylvanian newspaper publishes results of 1st public opinion poll, with a clear lead for Andrew Jackson

1832 – Benjamin Louis Eulalie de Bonneville, US Army officer, leads the first wagon train across the Rocky Mountains by Wyoming’s South Pass

1847 – Brigham Young leads 148 fellow Mormon pioneers into the Salt Lake Valley after 17 months of travel, establishing Salt Lake City.

1866 – After the American Civil War, Tennessee became the first U.S. state to be readmitted to the Union

1880 – First commercial hydroelectric power plant in the world begins generating electricity in Grand Rapids, Michigan

1897 – Amelia Earhart, the first woman to fly alone across the Atlantic Ocean, was born in Atchison, Kansas

1911 – American explorer Hiram Bingham discovers Machu Picchu, the Lost City of the Incas, a 15th-century Inca citadel set high in the Andes Mountains in Peru, above the Urubamba River valley

1915 – The passenger liner SS Eastland capsized in the Chicago River, in one of the worst maritime disasters in history, killing more than 840 people

1917 – Mata Hari (Margaretha Geertruida “Margreet” MacLeod, a Dutch exotic dancer and courtesan, went on trial, for spying for Germany during World War I

1923 – The Treaty of Lausanne, the final treaty concluding World War I, was signed at Lausanne, Switzerland

1941 – Franklin D. Roosevelt, the President of United States, demands Japanese troops out of Indo-China

1943 – Operation Gomorrah: Royal Air Force begins bombing Hamburg (till 3rd August), creating a firestorm and killing 42,600 people

1952 – “High Noon”, American Western film directed by Fred Zinnemann, starring Gary Cooper and Thomas Mitchell, was released

1959 – Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev and U.S. Vice President Richard M. Nixon engaged in the “kitchen debate” at an American exhibition in Moscow

1967 – First modern hospice St Christopher’s founded by Dr. Cicely Saunders in London, England, beginning of modern palliative care and the hospice movement

1969 – Apollo 11 Returns to Earth

1969 – Jennifer Lopez, the American singer-songwriter, one of the highest-paid Latina actresses in history was born

1982 – Single “Eye Of The Tiger” by Survivor from “Rocky III” starts its 6-week run at No. 1 on the US charts, before earning a Grammy for Best Rock Performance

1998 – “Saving Private Ryan” the World War II drama starring Tom Hanks, released and went on to earn five Academy Awards

2005 – American cyclist Lance Armstrong became the first rider to win the Tour de France seven times. He also retired on this day. But, after investigation into the doping conspiracy, he was revealed to be a major figure and was stripped of all his titles in 2012

2019 – Global warming is the fastest in 2,000 years. Scientific consensus reports Humans to be the 99% cause, in three major reports published in journals “Nature” and “Nature Geoscience”

2019 – 19-year-old Hungarian swimmer Kristóf Milák breaks Michael Phelps’ 10 year old 200m butterfly world record at the World Championships in Gwangju, South Korea; swims 1:50.73, 0.78s faster than Phelps

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