What Happened Today – July 25?

There is only one history of any importance, and it is the history of what you once believed in, and the history of what you came to believe in – Kay Boyle.

History has always been very important, as to know nothing of what happened before you took place on earth, is to remain a child forever and ever.

On this Day :

1814 –British engineer George Stephenson also known as Father of Railways introduces first steam locomotive for hauling coal. At present U.S.A has the largest railway systems in the world followed by Russia, Canada, China and India.

1832 – First railroad accident was recorded in the Granite Railway in U.S.A, where four people were thrown out of the vacant car with 1 casualty.

1902 – James J.Jeffries won his rematch with English boxer Bob Fitzsimmons with an Eighth round Knockout. Fitzsimmons was considered as one of the hardest punchers at that time.

1914 – W. G Grace, an English cricketer scored an unbeaten 66 in his last game of his career playing for the Eltham Cricket Club, just a week after his 66th birthday.

1934 – After the Austrian Civil War, Austrian Nazis and German SS soldiers attempted a failed coup to dispose the ruling government in Vienna. This incident was also known as July Putsch.

1943 – Benito Mussolini, the Italian Premier, was placed under arrest by King Victor Emmanuel III, marking the fall of 21 years of Fascist rule in the Kingdom of Italy, also known as 25 Luglio.

1965 – Bob Dylan performed at the Newport Folk Festival with his electric guitar.  He was booed by the crowd. This is considered as the beginning of folk rock music.

1972 – U.S Health officials admit using African Americans as Guinea pigs for 40 years in Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment. Though Penicillin was available since 1947 as natural antibiotic treatment, they wanted to determine if the disease had a different effect on African Americans than on Caucasians.

1981 – Anti-aparthied protestors invade the ground in Hamilton, New Zealand canceling the rugby game between New Zealand’s All Blacks and South Africa’s Springboks.

1982 – Giani Zail Singh is sworn in a Seventh President of India, serving till 1987. He was associated with Indian National Congress party before being elected.

1999 – In the 86th Tour de France, Lance Armstrong wins his first of the seven consecutive titles. Later all he achievements were disqualified due to drug cheating.

2007 – India elects its first female president, Prathiba Patil. She previously served as governor of Rajasthan from 2004 to 2007.

2018 – Scientists from the European Space Agency reported the existence of a sub-glacial lake about 1.5 kilometers below the southern polar ice cap on Mars. This was the first known existence of stable water body on Mars.

2018 – Political party Pakistan Tehreek-e-insaf lead by former Pakistan International cricketer Imran Khan wins the general elections, marred by violence and bombings that killed 31 people.

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