BCCI’s Detailed Plan For IPL 2020 In UAE; Letter of Intent Sent to UAE Cricket Board

BCCI has shared the draft of the detailed plan, for the Indian Premier League (IPL) tournament to be held in UAE starting September 19, 2020.

The final plan for the 13th edition of the T20 league will be shared with the franchises only after being finalized by the IPL Governing Council meeting scheduled to take place on August 1, 2020.

The Governing Council meeting will take place via teleconference on Saturday, followed by meetings with the primary stakeholders, franchise owners, broadcasters and central sponsors, to be held on Sunday and Monday.

“In all these years of IPL, the responsibility of accommodation, hospitality, travel, etc, – during the IPL – has been of the team owners. Nothing is going to change this year. The only change will be in the SOPs with regards to COVID,” said Brijesh Patel, Chairman of Governing Council.

BCCI is said to have shared their plans for the Season 13 of IPL in UAE with Times of India. According to the plan, the committee is planning to have strict protocols in place like bio secure bubble and medical assistance.

Through the Bio-secure bubble, each franchise will be creating their own bubble, in which the players will get to interact with only a limited number of people in their ecosystem. Individuals out of their bubble will not be allowed to meet, except through pre-appointed coordinators. A similar bubble will also be created for the BCCI and IMG staffs and other broadcasters.

The franchises will also be arranging their own medical teams, along with a separate central medical team to be arranged by the BCCI. The medical team arranged by the franchise will be staying with the respective teams, within the same bi-secure bubble. Just as their arrival in UAE, all of the testing will be on the franchises which will be coordinated 24*7 with the BCCI’s medical team.

As for the revenue pools and player replacement and loaning, there will be no change from the previous seasons. The Franchises will also arrange for their own travel and accommodation in UAE, however, BCCI, with the coordination from UAE authorities, will provide the franchises with “discounted hotel rates.” It will be the Franchises who fly their players to UAE and back, just as is the case in the previous IPL tournaments in India.

BCCI and GC are still reportedly working through details in these plans, and are getting ready to discuss it in the Saturday’s meeting.

BCCI has already sent the official letter of intent to the Emirates Cricket Board, which has also been confirmed by UAE Cricket Secretary General Mubashshir Usman. As of now, BCCI as well as the UAE Cricket body are awaiting the final decision from the Indian Government, to host the IPL 2020 in UAE.


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