Red Dead Online Gets An All New Naturalist Update

Red Dead Online has just been updated with an all new Frontier Pursuit, by the Rockstar, in which the Naturalist will focus on tracking Legendary Animals.

With the new update, players will be protecting and studying the Legendary Animals with Harriet Davenport, by tracking, sedating and collecting blood samples.

Naturalists will also gain access to role-specific weapons, outfits and a horse. Players can also use the Revive tonic, Weight Loss and Weight Gain Tonics, while also brew other tonics to mitigate weather effects.

However, it is also possible to hunt these animals, using the Elephant Rifle and Nitro Express ammunition, and collect their pelts for Gus MacMillan.

New skills like Mercy Kill and using an advanced camera, will be available for the Naturalists to learn, who can also partake in two animal-based Free roam events – Protect Legendary Animals and Animal Tagging.


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